Antiseptics it is better for them to choose for wood?

Antiseptics it is better for them to choose for wood?

To prolong service life of the wooden house or other products from this natural material it is necessary to use special impregnation. We also will talk about antiseptics it is better for them to choose for wood from presented at the market, today.

How to choose wood preservatives?

Today all antiseptic impregnations presented at the market differ from each other in the following characteristics:

  1. Whether the structure is narrowly targeted, or it is universal. The first protects wood from certain defeats, for example, from a fungus, several widespread negative factors, such as mold, fungus and insects can eliminate the second at once. Of course, it will be much more favorable to get universal antiseptics for protection of wood.
  2. Ability to get into structure of material. There are superficial, average and deep structures, the last, of course, are considered as the best wood preservatives. They get on depth up to 1 cm therefore protect material much more effectively, however, the cost of such means will be higher too.
  3. Extent of impact on appearance. There are neutral, painting and varnish structures, the first do not change appearance of a tree in any way, the second can change its shade, and when using the third the tree will look as varnished.

These are three main differences of the presented structures from each other, when choosing it is worth being guided by these characteristics and also by what sum you are ready to spend as the universal deep structure, of course, will be the most effective, but its price can be unreasonably high.

Various types of antiseptic structures

Except the mentioned factors, when choosing means pay attention that they can have various basis, namely - water, oil, organic and combined. To define what to choose from them, it is necessary to understand what problems you want to solve by means of means. If it is about very damp room or processing of external walls, it will be more favorable to gain the oil or combined structure. For works it can be indoors used and simpler water or organic antiseptics.

There are also specific means, for example, such as winter wood preservative which gets in structure of the stood tree, kind of kindling at the same time the water which is in material. If you need to process a tree already injured from a fungus or a mold, then buy special disinfecting solution, with its help you will easily cope with a problem.

Rating of wood preservatives

To choose really good and effective structure, let's consider what comments are left by ordinary people about products of various brands. Good it is considered Tikkuril's antiseptics, many say that it is easy to work with him, and after his use the tree infection problem with a fungus or a mold ceases to exist. Not less worthy also the products of the Slovenian brand "Belinka of Bace" are considered, it has rather low price, and results of work will not be worse at all, than after use of the Finnish structure.

Domestic brands are also popular, among them the products of the Senezh brand and also structures with the name "Wood Doctor" received especially good reviews. Rather low cost and also the confirmed efficiency made them very demanded. The Neomid brand delivers the concentrated structures which price is significantly lower therefore it is known to many professional builders and ordinary people too.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team