As Earth from space looks

As Earth from space looks

Looking at our planet from space, understanding as we are lonely in boundless, black, hostile space space for us comes at once, departing with the star to an inexplicable distance of eternity.


1. In 2006 the picture of Earth made from distance of 6 billion kilometers the Voyager 1 artificial satellite was for the first time received. In the picture only the mote is visible, than not remarkable and it is not similar at all to what we call the house. Astronomies — a huge, wet stone with a thin layer of the atmosphere are always on the lips. But this layer reliably protects six billion people from dangers of space. This living world. It is the most unusual planet in the Universe. The unique combination of water and the atmosphere giving life to all of us. The snow-white clouds which are gently wrapping up with a blanket, such fragile and easily vulnerable life. The blueness of oceans, a haze going to a horizon distance, makes think on medieval expeditions of pioneers of new lands. In deep prescription, people sought to solve the mysteries of the earth, building improbable hypotheses and conjectures. And only now, when behind the millennium of riddles and secrets, people left to outer space. Looking at the earth from an orbit of space stations, visits a thought: approach the earth alien mind, nothing will tell it that somewhere there, below, too there are reasonable beings. And they so persistently want to understand and understand that all this it from where whether it undertook also some we.

2. The sunsets and dawn lighting with bright beams iridescent strips of the atmosphere are extraordinary mysterious. Above over it the thin white-yellow line is visible. It is Earth ionosphere. Over northern and southern latitudes in it the polar lights which it is possible to observe every time when solar wind reaches vicinities of the planet from the station are formed. Covering a look the part of a surface observed in twilight where is more cloudy, are noticeable not stopping then, there flashes of lightnings. Constantly somewhere it is raining or thunderstorm. In at one time scientists had an opportunity to see the hurricane "Sandie" which fell upon east coast of the USA from space. In addition, the brunt of the disaster was imprinted. Millions of people lost electricity, and night fires became much less.

3. Unreal types open from the illuminated cities on a dark side. Extremely not the uniform luminescence of fires is noticed. In some places, the cities shine as a huge congestion of galaxies, and in some as lonely asterisks. And all this alternates with extensive black emptiness. These are our night oceans. Also the navigable rivers shining in night are surprisingly beautiful. On the general background, Neil is most strongly allocated. It is possible to determine by intensity of a luminescence also some features of political activity of people. For example, Northern and Southern Koreas contrast quite sharply. And near the Persian Gulf, congestions of torches of oil developments are obviously visible. Looking over a dark side of the planet as fires made hands of the person brightly burn, judgment of what unlimited opportunities at it in immensity of time comes!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team