As Hitler came to the power

As Hitler came to the power

Hitler came to the power on January 30, 1933, days before world accident which burst on September 1, 1939 are from this point reckoned. How Germans allowed to country government of the fanatic who sacrificed millions of people to the mad ideas?


1. After World War I the kayzerovsky power in Germany was overthrown, during the period from 1919 to 1933 in Germany the liberal democratic regime was set, but there is nothing surprising that democracy in a flash was replaced by dictatorship. In political life of the Weimar republic (it is so accepted to call Germany this period) there was an array of problems which were aggravated with post-war economic ruin, and then and the global economic crisis of 1929.

2. By the beginning of the 30th years in parliament of Germany there is practically no representative of democratic parties left, and on elections of 1932 the victory was gained by Hitlerite national socialists, they had no absolute majority yet, but the strongest party in the country they became. The Communist Party of Germany could resist to them, but the Soviet Union helping it gave unambiguous instructions not to fight against NSDAP, including Hitler the ally.

3. At the end of 1932 Hitler demanded from the president of the country of Gindenburga to appoint him the chancellor. It is known that Hitler found data on financial frauds with the state grants in which Hindenburg's son was engaged. That this information did not emerge on light, Hindenburg had to appoint Hitler the chancellor. At the same time the president extremely did not love Hitler, but hoped that he will be able to use his party in the purposes.

4. Thus, Hitler received the power in quite lawful way as appointment of the largest party as the chancellor of the leader completely corresponded to the constitution. At the same time Hitler never enjoyed national love as it was considered to be at the time of the third Reich, and did not seize power as it was considered to be after crash of fascist Germany.

5. The financial elite of the country which is actively supporting Hitler hoped to use this fanatic in the purposes. Ordinary people who did not vote for Hitler just did not believe that such person will long be late in power. But, having become the chancellor, Hitler showed all as they were mistaken: now the elite danced to his tune, and the silent majority in only a few months was intimidated by the terror developed in the country.

6. In several weeks after Hitler's appointment the chancellor in Germany cancelled freedom of assembly and freedom of press, then the parliament was deprived of the power, labor unions are dispersed, by summer all parties except NSDAP were banned, persecutions on Jews began, the first were open the camp for political prisoners. At the same time unemployment rate in the country sharply went down and the people which received at last economic stability were first not against to lose for the sake of it some civil liberties.

7. In 1934 the president Hindenburg died, his position was abolished, and Adolf Hitler became the absolute governor of Germany, having appropriated the Fuhrer's title.

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