As in 1 day to learn the multiplication table

As in 1 day to learn the multiplication table

The multiplication table represents digital calculations, convenient for storing. Its study is included without fail into the program of training of school students of younger age. It is necessary to help the child to remember the multiplication table quickly.


1. Arrange all numbers on columns one after another, since unit and finishing with ten. It is the best of all to do on three or on five columns in one line that the child was guided better and did not get confused in numbers. In each column make ten lines, in each of which there will be about one action of multiplication: on one, on two, on three and so on, before multiplication of number by ten.

2. Let's the child read the first column. At multiplication by unit the number does not change therefore he will remember it very quickly. Besides, at the same time the child will get acquainted with that, as lookstablemultiplication , and will not be afraid of the fact that it will be too difficult.

3. Continue from the second column and the action loved by children "twice two = four". At multiplication by the two, small numbers with which the child already, most likely, is well familiar according to the solution of school tasks turn out. Fix studied, having asked the pupil several examples in a chaotic order.

4. You pass to studying the subsequent columns of the table. You do not hurry and allocate more time for each of them that information was postponed at the child in the head. Pay its attention to examples which are the simplest for remembering thanks to their folding sounding, for example, "five five – twenty five", "six six – thirty six".

5. Visualize examples. For example, figures of an eye, the handle and a leg that they were better remembered by the child visually can add, but at the same time numbers have to remain well distinguishable. Also you can allocate columns and lines in different flowers, to conclude them in a framework, etc.

6. Hang up the poster with the multiplication table in the room of the child and also get to it notebooks with the table specified them. Continuous finding of information before eyes will promote her faster storing. Also there are special programs for the computer and spreadsheets with sound effects which will help to remember examples aurally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team