As pyramids were under construction

The Egyptian pyramids - one of the greatest mysteries of history. It is impossible to imagine that during an era of primitive technologies, exclusively human forces built huge constructions from multiton blocks which stand still and cause in scientific community a controversy and disagreements.


1. Opinions of historians on that, how exactly were under construction the Egyptian pyramids, still do not meet. Scientists agree only that technologies of construction of tombs of Pharaohs changed eventually, becoming more and more perfect. It is allocated several main riddles connected with construction of pyramids: - production of stone blocks; - transportation of blocks from a stone quarry to the site; - delivery of blocks to pyramid top; - method of a laying and fastening; - processing of a surface.

2. Concerning technologies of extraction of construction material there are no special disagreements. It is quite possible to get theoretically soft breeds of sandstone of which the majority of pyramids is constructed with application of brass instruments and manual work though there is also a version that pyramids are constructed not of monolithic blocks, and of geopolymeric concrete (the stone crumb fastened with the knitting solution) though researches cannot confirm this theory yet.

3. Delivery of blocks - very important question as movement of a boulder weighing from 1 to 70 tons requires not only a huge number of forces, but also the suitable road which construction in the conditions of Ancient Egypt is comparable on labor costs to construction of the pyramid. Historical materials demonstrate application of a design similar to the sleigh which runners for decrease in friction poured down water. Besides, it is probable, the method of movement of blocks on skating rinks, transportation by the ships, various mechanisms was used.

4. Having delivered the block to the bottom of a pyramid, builders faced a problem of its transportation upward. The highest pyramid of Egypt - Pyramid of Cheops - towered above the ground on 146 meters, and the lump of the blocks making it - about 6.2 million tons. The most widespread theory claims that for delivery of blocks to the top floors inclined earth ramps were used though some historians put forward theories about use of mechanisms, the principle of "a square wheel" (way at which the cube moves by sectors of a circle), and even uses of a system of the locks allowing to lift blocks on water. Unfortunately, the exact answer it is still not found.

5. Methods of a laying and facing of pyramids raise questions too. Blocks of tombs are so densely driven to each other that between them it is impossible to push a metal ruler, and the smoothness of inclined walls forces to think even modern builders. The most popular theories in this respect come down or to the fact that the surface was processed after construction of a pyramid, or to use of external cement facing. The method of connection of blocks also is up to the end not studied as for production of the construction plaster (which was the main knitting material of those times) it would be required to destroy all woods of Egypt as in the course of its production the high temperature is necessary.

6. The Egyptian pyramids do not hurry to reveal to researchers all the secrets, but scientists, builders and just enthusiasts do not stop trying to guess riddles of ancient constructions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team