As scientific developments are used

As scientific developments are used

Scientific developments are important not only from theoretical, but also from the practical point of view. One of the most responsible stages of research works – implementation of their results. At the same time the cost efficiency of developments is specified and the circle of problems which demand additional researches and experiments is defined.


1. Use of results of scientific developments happens in all industries. For example, in construction new types of designs are regularly put into operation, progressive manufacturing techniques of materials and construction of buildings take root. Most often results of developments find a type of concrete machines, mechanisms and useful devices which operation is based on the physical and chemical phenomena and effects opened by science.

2. First of all research establishments are interested in introduction of the developments. They work in close contact with the design organizations and direct production. One of the directions of such joint activity – development of standard projects, test units, prototypes of products. The brought to optimum level, similar samples are put in mass production.

3. Successful introduction of technological innovations requires coordination of work of research institutes, design organizations and enterprises which will realize developments. Usually in specific industry uniform standards to which all listed structures participating in introduction adhere are developed. The general for all production requirements are enshrined in normative documents, instructions, methodical instructions.

4. The assessment of efficiency of technology solutions is carried out by special scientific and technical councils. Implementation of new technologies in those industries which have important state value passes through a coordination stage on boards of the relevant ministries. Invite leading experts in science and technology who make the recommendations about use of scientific developments to similar meetings.

5. The new materials, technologies and designs offered by scientists undergo careful testing in the conditions of manufacturing enterprises. Only after thorough and comprehensive test of achievement of science are transferred from developmental production to serial where become elements of the new equipment or stages of technological process.

6. However direct introduction – not the only way of use of scientific developments. The experimental results relating to fundamental sciences can be quite introduced through publications. Monographs by scientists, articles allow to enshrine the reached level of scientific knowledge in specialized scientific publications. Publications often become initial material for carrying out project and design works.

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