As sperm is formed

As sperm is formed

Sperm (a seed in Greek) is a liquid which is emitted with males of animals and men during ejaculation. Other name of sperm – is eyakulit. It is viscous and muddy liquid of light gray color. Sperm consists of semen and spermatozoa.

How sperm is formed?

Sperm begins to be formed during puberty of the young man, reaching the maximum at mature age. By an old age the formation of sperm decreases. Eyakulit cholesterol, fructose, an inositol, urea, spermin, deoxyribonucleic acid, a pyrimidine, hyaluronic acid and many others contains in the structure numerous chemical elements and connections among which ascorbic and lemon acids, it is well-cared.

As it was noted above, sperm consists of spermatozoa and semen. Spermatozoa in a seed of the healthy man during a single ejaculation contain in the number from 70 to 80 million and make only 3% of all eyakulyat. It is an average value. Other 97% make secretion of a prostate and also liquid of seed bubbles. Scientists established that the first portions of the ready eyakulyat contain much more spermatozoa, than in the subsequent, especially in the last.

It is curious that the composition of seed plasma is complex. The fact is that it contains a significant amount as proteins, so carbohydrates and even fats. Besides, in plasma there are enzymes, hormones and other substances.

Speaking about physical properties of neogenic sperm, it should be noted that it is viscous and sticky muciform opaque and non-uniform liquid. It smells of a crude chestnut. There are people who claim that sperm has a light smell of chlorine. The taste of the men's eyakulyat depends on the nature of food of the owner: the taste can be as salty and sweet, so bitter and even sour. Scientists noted that frequent ejaculations do taste of sperm to less sweet with strengthening of smack of bitterness. Fresh eyakulit after a while (from 20 seconds to 1-2 minutes) is diluted, becomes homogeneous less viscous, but waterier and transparent.

In what quantities sperm is emitted?

The average amount of sperm which is marked out during an ejaculation it is considered to be 3 grams (teaspoon). However this size can vary in the range from 2nd to 6 grams. Each new day of abstention from sex or onanism increases amount of sperm by 0.4 grams. By scientists it is counted that during a single ejaculation the man allocates about 1% of all saved-up eyakulyat. The possibility of some men to carry out several ejaculations within several hours is also explained by it: their high potency allows to have from 4th to 6 ejaculations for a short period.

Spermatozoa are small, but mobile men's cages. One men's spermatozoon consists of a head, a neck, a little body and a zhgutik (tail).

Besides, the amount of men's sperm can vary depending on the state of health of the owner, from amount of the liquid drunk by it, from its age, etc. Scientists drew an intermediate conclusion, based on practical true-life stories: the large volume of sperm does not mean its higher impregnating ability at all. Sometimes it is even pernicious for a fruit as it is connected with private abortions at women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team