As sprouts of plants change

As sprouts of plants change

Will change land and underground sprouts of plants can. Treat modifications of elevated escapes: short moustaches, prickles, kladodiya, fillokladiya. Treat modifications of underground escapes: bulb, bulbous tuber, rhizome, kaudex, underground tuber and hundred-bosoms.

What is escape

Escape is one of vegetative bodies of a plant. In the course of evolutionary devices to environmental conditions, escape can will change. There are elevated and underground escapes. Modifications happen at both types.

Modifications of elevated escapes

Elevated (air) escapes change and are presented at plants in the form: short moustaches, prickles, kladodiya, fillokladiya.

At modification not of all escape but only leaves, at a plant short moustaches or prickles develop. Short moustaches are an escape without leaves of metameric structure. Short moustaches have the zhgutovidny form and can be with branchings. Short moustaches are necessary to a plant when the plant cannot independently is in vertical position. Treat the plants having short moustaches: grapes, watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber, melon. The prickle is shortened and lignified escape with a sharp top without leaves. Prickles are necessary to a plant with the protective purpose. The hawthorn, a crab, wild pear, a buckthorn have prickles.

Kladody is the side escape having the green flattened long stalks which undertake function of leaves. Kladody is capable to long growth and carries out photosynthesis. For performance of photosynthesis at a kladodiya under an epidermis chlorofillonosny cages are located. Treat the plants having kladodiya: myulenbekiya ploskotsvetochny, karmikheliya southern, cactus Decembrist, prickly pear. Filloklady is a modified side escape which has limited growth and also performs function of a leaf. Filloklady is capable to photosynthesis. Treat the plants having fillokladiya: butcher's brooms, she swept away, fillantus.

Modifications of underground escapes

Modified underground escapes perform a number of important functions for a plant, such as: a reserve of nutrients, a way of protection under adverse environmental conditions and ability to vegetative reproduction. Treat modified underground escapes: bulb, bulbous tuber, rhizome, kaudex, underground tuber and underground hundred-bosoms. The bulb is intended for a reserve of nutrients and vegetative reproduction. The bulb represents the shortened escape, the stalk is available in a collum. Carry to the plants having a bulb: onions, lily, tulip, narcissus, hyacinth. The bulbous tuber is a modified escape which has a reinforced stalk, a protective cover and additional roots. The protective cover consists of the dried-up bases of leaves. Such plants as have a bulbous tuber: gladiolus, iksiya, saffron, autumn crocus. The rhizome is modified underground escape which has additional roots, scale-like leaves and kidneys. It is a water-lily, a jug, the iris.Kaudex is characteristic of long-term herbs and represents the place of accumulation of nutrients. Kaudex have: lupines, lucerne. Underground hundred-bosoms and an underground tuber also perform zapasatelny function. Underground hundred-bosoms potatoes have also a semidichka.

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