As the 25th shot works

As the 25th shot works

Everyone in the life at least once heard about technology 25 of a shot. The opinion on it is not unambiguous. Some consider that application of this technique is always bad and leads to irreversible processes in the heads of masses and movements of society, others put into dependence on a scope, the third go on about uselessness of influence. However nearly hundred years this subject remain relevant.


1. The movie is pictures (shots) built linearly and replacing each other in time. Scientists proved that optimum impacts of an image on subconsciousness 0.08-0.12 seconds last. The cinematographic equipment reproduces with a frequency of 1/24 - it is the minimum quantity of frames per second. The additional shot will allow to reach optimum time of impact on a brain and to be at all not noticed look. With each emergence of a shot of "invisible being" the brain traces, analyzes and acquires information, without realizing it. For this reason the technique also received name 25 a shot.

2. For the first time researches of reactions of a brain to the person when viewing movies were conducted in 1918 by the German scientist Frank. But final conclusions did not manage to achieve because of imperfect technologies. And only in 1957 American Vaykeri described influence of the 25th shot. It conducted experiments on advertizing, as a result of sale of popcorn and Coca grew twice.

3. Opening gained popularity. It was used for simultaneous impact on consciousness and subconsciousness of a large number of people. For example, during the electoral company. The party using the 25th shot in the rollers got advantage before party of competitors. Film producers tried to obtain deep emotions and impressions of the audience. Businessmen - increases in profits. Ended with the increasing public scandal. From the middle of the seventieth years the application of a technique of the 25th shot was forbidden.

4. But scientists continued researches of impact on the person. Invented the devices catching "unauthorized information" in a TV signal. There were advanced, individual programs for achievement of results in education, psychotherapy, medicine. Today the person can use consciously this opening, it helps with fight against excess weight, smoking and other dependences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team