As the device for thought-reading works

The thought of the person cannot read until investment them in words and coherent expressions. So was until recently while the group of the Belgian scientists did not develop the special device allowing to get into the head of the person and to learn what he thinks of.

Several scientists from the Catholic university of the Belgian city of Luvena long time worked on practical application of the theory of material thoughts. The unique device for thought-reading which will allow to communicate to the people who do not have an opportunity to speak became result of their work. It represents the small device of the size of a matchbox which is fixed in the central part of the special hat reminding swimming. The wires connecting the device to the computer are attached to it. This device working by the principle of the electroencephalogram monitors fluctuations of electric activity of neurons of a brain, writes down them and transfers to the computer through USB port. There they will be decoded by means of the special software, and on the monitor of the computer there is a thought of the person expressed in clear words and offers. To express the thoughts, it is only necessary to think of something and to make the logical offer in the head. Then the device itself will transmit necessary signals, distinguishes them and will turn into the text, and then and into a sound. The device is also equipped with functions of independent logical formation of phrases from thoughts and even reproduction of certain intonations. Scientists tested the device for readings thoughts on 13 patients who had hemorrhage to a brain. All of them could express successfully the thoughts with a speed of 10 signs a minute. The Belgian scientists hope to improve a little in the next this technology and to achieve that the speed of the reproduced phrases did not concede thought speed. Also they want to turn it into a market product which would manage to help many people. Thanks to such device the people who are not able to speak and move will be able to express the thoughts to people around with success.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team