As there is a hydrolysis of salts and what its function

As there is a hydrolysis of salts and what its function

The substance dissolved in water interacts with water molecules. Hydrolysis reaction can result from this interaction. Thanks to hydrolysis in the nature there is a lot of very important chemical processes.

As there takes place hydrolysis reaction

Hydrolysis represents exchange decomposition of substances by means of water. Reaction can be reversible and irreversible.

Organic matter, entering hydrolysis, give receiving alcohols. It is possible thanks to alkali which "connects" the formed acid.

For the first time such reaction was made in 1811. The French chemist E. Shevrel received glycerin and soap as a result of heating of fats and water in the presence of alkali. Still hydrolysis of esters in the alkaline environment is called saponification.

Actually hydrolysis is an exchange interaction of anions or cations of salt with water molecules. Such interaction leads to formation of weak electrolyte, and in water salty solution the surplus of free ions appears. Therefore solution gains acid or alkaline characteristic.

Value of hydrolysis in the nature and the equipment

Striking examples of hydrolysis in living organisms represent some stages of process of digestion. In intestines under the influence of enzymes food fats are transformed to organic acids and glycerin. Further these substances are soaked up in blood and used as construction material for living tissue of various bodies. One of the most important roles of hydrolysis in a living organism – splitting of LTF in ADF therefore energy is released. Hydrolysis of fats is used in the industry for receiving soap and glycerin. By means of conversion create treacle which is used in preparation of confectionery. In production the hydrolysis of cellulose which is transformed to glucose is actively used. Thanks to this reaction from nonfood vegetable waste (sawdust, straw, corn cabbage stumps, etc.) some food, fodder and technical products receive. It is considered that process of hydrolysis will help to solve a problem of an energy crisis in the future. Oil resources of the planet will be exhausted sooner or later while the reserve of wood can renew in the natural way pretty fast. Wood raw materials – one of the most suitable materials for carrying out hydrolytic reactions therefore the possibility of transition from oil processing to processing of wood by hydrolysis can solve a fuel problem. Besides, hydrolysis of wood allows to receive not only fuel for internal combustion engines, but also other technical products and also fodder both feedstuffs and biologically active medicines.

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