As there was a mankind

As there was a mankind

On modern scientific representations, from the moment of an exit of the person from an animal state before education of modern mankind there passed from two to five million years. Formation of society went slowly and gradually. During evolution of people changed externally, together with it the relations in community changed, thinking and the speech without which it is impossible to imagine a civilization developed.


1. Archeological finds give the grounds to claim that the mankind began to be formed in east part of Africa more than two million years ago. But there are separate finds which allow to remove date of allocation of the person from the nature on two-three million years in the past. In those far times the slow transition of ancestors of the person from wood to a land way of life began.

2. Having arisen in one place of the planet, the mankind during many millennia was settled on other continents, developing new places for dwelling. Sharp change of climatic conditions and impoverishment of fauna became the main factor which was an incitement for migration. In search of livelihood the ancestors of the modern person were forced to master bipedalism and to move to the remote regions.

3. For several millennia extensive territories of Asia, Europe, Australia and Oceania were developed. In the last turn, about 35 thousand years ago, the person was settled on two American continents. In those days a basis of existence of human society continued to remain collecting, hunting and fishery. Tribes most often led a nomadic life as they depended on migrations of animals.

4. Change in a way of life of people affected their development. About 40 thousand years ago the person found that appearance which remained so far. Daily activity contributed to the development of difficult labor skills, thinking and the speech. Language became that means thanks to which there was possible a transfer of knowledge and the accumulated experience to other generations.

5. Transition to settled lifestyle opened a new stage in formation of mankind. The most developed people began to depart from hunting, switching to agriculture and cultivation of pets. So there was division of labor, the first in the history of mankind. Agricultural activity significantly reduced dependence of the person by nature and hunting good luck.

6. Approximately in the 4th millennium the first began to be formed known in the history of a civilization B.C. A basis of steel for them the largest and fertile rivers of the world – Euphrates, the Tiger and Neil. The climate, suitable for agriculture, contributed to the development of economic activity of the person. In the society of rudiments of the state began to arise, the steady social structure was formed. Into Entre Rios and Ancient Egypt the mankind for the first time passed from a primitive state to the class society based on slaveholding.

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