As there was Paris

As there was Paris

Paris - one of the most known cities of the world nice for beauty of the architecture, numerous sights, surprising romantic mood. Its history begins in the 3rd century BC when tribes of Celts founded the small settlement on coast of Seine.


1. People lived on coast of Seine 40,000 years ago what numerous archeological finds in the territory of Paris testify to. At that time areas on which the city is located now were covered with the wood and are boggy. In 1991, excavation in the 12th district of Paris where certificates of small ancient settlements were found was carried out.

2. In the 3rd century BC the Celtic tribe pariziyev founded the city which appears in ancient Roman documents as Lutetia, the Latin name there is from lutum, that is "dirt". Long time was considered that Lutetia was located on the island of Site which is in the territory of Paris now, but excavation on this island did not yield any results. City traces which as it is considered at the moment, belong to Lutetia were found only in 2003 near the city of Nanterre which is located in 20 kilometers from Paris.

3. After Rome annexed Gallia to the territory, near the Celtic Lutetia the Roman strengthened point was constructed. It Julius Caesar for the first time mentions in the notes from 53 years BC. By the beginning of the new millennium the Roman military camp outgrew to the city in which appeared a forum, an amphitheater, terms, an aqueduct. The Roman Lutetia was the center of the Roman power in Gallia before fall of the Western Roman Empire.

4. The name Paris for the first time occurs in the Roman documents 3 centuries AD. This name came from the name of the Celtic tribe. Romans called the city of Civitas Parisiorium, that is the city of Parizii.

5. There is, however, still a theory that Paris was founded by descendants of Trojans who came to these places after defeat in the Trojan war. According to this version the name of Paris comes from the Ancient Greek word parisia - "courageous". However, this theory is in every respect very doubtful and is not confirmed by data of researches.

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