Baby food for a set of weight

Baby food for a set of weight

Many of those who go to gym and in general watch over the health and weight consider children's dairy mixes as option of nutritional supplement. Today we will consider pluses and minuses of baby food for a set of weight.

Powdered milk for a set of weight

It would seem, sports food – a protein and children's dairy mix the same. There powdered milk and here too. Supporters of the consumption of children's porridges "Babies" and "Kid" for a set of weight say that supposedly baby food is more carefully checked at the plants and it is much safer for consumption.

It is necessary to understand that protein dosages in children's mixes and sports food absolutely different. In addition, dairy mixes contain a large amount of fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help kids to survive. The adults playing sports often have a lack of protein. While fats and carbohydrates in enough come to an organism with food. Therefore baby food on structure and action can be compared rather to a geyner, than to a protein. Its excessive use can lead to emergence of an undesirable fat layer. It is also necessary to consider dosages: with sufficient protein content for the adult it is necessary for cocktail about a half banks of dairy mix. At the same time it is recommended to drink such cocktail 2 times a day. It is easy to consider that month of application of children's porridges for a set of weight will be by 3 times more expensive of qualitative sports food.

Mixes for a set of weight

For a solution with increase in daily consumption of calories it is possible to use protein cocktails. They can be cooked independently from milk, cottage cheese, berries and fruit or to buy already ready mix. There is no problem with acquisition of qualitative sports food today, however it is worth picking up what suits specifically you. The protein presented at the market can be synthesized from different types of products: eggs, milk, soy. In addition, there is a set of dairy mixes for a set of weight which are enriched with carbohydrates and vitamins. Such sports food helps to provide an organism with irreplaceable amino acids and gives additional energy for trainings


Each adult has to be guided in the actions by common sense. Therefore, of course, it is possible to use baby food for a set of weight. The question is in as far as it is expedient and economic. It is also necessary to consider that baby food is developed especially for kids, taking into account specifics of their digestive system and requirements of an organism. The adult often does not need such ratio of nutrients (per 100 g of the prepared mix).


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team