Barriers on the way to success

Barriers on the way to success

To achieve a definite purpose, it is necessary to represent accurately what you want, to develop stages of the implementation conceived and to make the planned number of actions directed to realization of a task. Mistakes on each of these stages can become the real barrier in achievement of so desired purpose. Let's consider these obstacles in more detail.

Lack of accurately formulated purpose

If you represent what you want to reach, is only vague. Each hostess knows how it is difficult to prepare any given dish sometimes. But the difficulty is not in correctly to use ingredients, and in what recipe to choose. As soon as you understand what you specifically want and that achievement of the desirable will give you, it is possible to consider that a half of business is made.

The wrong ratio of the desires with opportunities

You, for example, want to become the top manager in bank. Yes, purpose quite concrete and clear. But it is simply impossible to realize it in practice without necessary formation and certain experience of work. Starting on a journey, analyze basic "capital": that you can that you are able to do that you know what you are capable to learn. Otherwise the people who made a mistake at this stage, as a rule, are inclined to blame for the failures anyone, only not themselves.

Lack of the put terms of achievement of the goal

You dream of own house, often reflect on this subject, speaking to yourself: "Yes, sometime I will have the lodge on the bank of the lake …". We congratulate, your purpose is almost unattainable. You delivered yourself a barrier, without having established accurate terms of realization of conceived. Set the task to get the apartment or the house in a year, and then probability to find the correct solution will increase several times.

Existence of negative aspects of the purpose

Young mother looks for work. Looks for long, persistently, but does not find. Yes, tell her, times heavy now, it is difficult to find the good place … Actually difficulties with job search are directly connected with the fact that mother subconsciously does not want or is not ready to leave the child on care of other people yet and to go to work. This purpose, in essence, does not bear for it a positive. Therefore, to reach it it is almost unreal.

Laziness to take the first step

"I will begin since Monday" – as this phrase is familiar to much of us. Yes, there is a wish to lose weight very much, and the desired position so attracts, and it is so exciting to spend a vacation by the sea, but at the same time real acts very much want to be put away for later. This barrier becomes almost insuperable to most of us. Develop the accurate action plan – and forward! It is just that case when "very slowly", but today, it is much better, than planning to make something fundamental at one stroke, but tomorrow.

Lack of control points

Do you know what you want, made the action plan, even began to work in the direction of achievement of the desirable, and things are right where they started? Means, you did not define for yourself self-checking stages. Establish the accurate schedule, having concretized each action, and be regularly verified with it. Such analysis will allow to consider the made mistakes to avoid annoying misses in the future. Always set real tasks and establish feasible terms of their realization.

It is no secret that barriers are in achievement of the goal in us. They depend on our habits and outlooks on life. Sometimes you should not spend forces for changing the whole world, it is necessary just to try to change the relation to the world, and the purpose itself will come to you to hands!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team