Bath brooms and their advantage

Bath brooms and their advantage

If there are problems, the negative mood or cold, exists fine option to get rid of all this – to descend in a bath! The bath is the fine procedure promoting improvement of mood, clarification of a body from dirt, to strengthening of an organism, disposal of some diseases. Going to a bath, it is necessary to take a broom – an integral part of the bathing procedure.

Bath brooms and their advantage

The bath broom represents an armful of branches or stalks of herbs. Due to pats, massage actions take place. The bath broom contains useful substances which at a rasparivaniye get in skin, bear in themselves big advantage. Everything depends on of what plant or a tree the broom is made.

Advantage of a juniper bath broom

The juniper is the real antibiotic rich with essential oil. Therefore such broom can be used in quality antiseptics and resolvent. The needles of a juniper promote treatment of flu, eliminate catarrhal diseases and treat pulmonary diseases. Also perfectly copes with any allergy, rashes, reddenings of skin and an itch.

Advantage of a lime bath broom

The lime broom has ability to cure a body, both from within, and outside. The main advantage of a broom from a linden is its sudorific property.

The linden contains ascorbic acid which increases immune forces of an organism. For skin acid is an anti-septic tank and the healing means for small wounds. Helps to get rid of bronchitis and rhinitis.

Advantage of an oak bath broom

The oak broom promotes elasticity of skin, disposal of a hypertension. At the expense of the main component which is contained in leaves – sitosterol it is possible to cure atherosclerosis.

Advantage of a birch bath broom

Leaves of a birch are capable to save a body from sweat and the smallest pollution. From leaves the essential oils having pleasant aroma are emitted. Promotes improvement of ventilation of lungs, struggles with asthma and bronchitis.


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