Biovampires - how to distinguish?

Biovampires - how to distinguish?

Probably, each of us noticed natural decrease in vital forces and energy after communication with the same person. The feeling of weakness and apathy without the reasons seen on that is also result of power feed of the biovampire at your expense. But not all people do it consciously, exhausting forces, they compensate a shortcoming own, even without suspecting about it. Who such biovampires how to distinguish them among a great number of surrounding people – we will talk about it in more detail.

People who are called power vampires differ in nothing from the others in appearance, but their behavior very often gives the true reasons of desire to communicate. They find the vulnerable and unprotected person from whom it is possible to gather a fresh portion of energy. Their purpose to achieve from the victim of the necessary emotional state, whether it be irritation or anger and to use it in the interests. For this purpose the vampire needs to attract and keep attention of a source of desirable energy at first. After the conversation is already adjusted, he will take great pain to achieve from the victim of the necessary emotions, probing the soil and touching upon a subject, not indifferent for the person, at the same time, it is possible, busily will try to touch hands of the opponent as often as possible.

If you notice that after communicated to the alleged thief of energy the state worsens, there comes the weakness and feeling of depression, then it is quite possible that you fell a victim of the biovampire. Such people often are persuasive and even frankly impudent, without giving the chance even to squeeze a word, and at the same time can hold by a hand, without allowing to leave and break off exchange of energy.

Types of power vampires

The parasitizing individuals can be a different look:

  • aggressors – they will try to provoke the conflict out of the blue and at any price to get from you desirable emotion;
  • excessively careful – set a heap of questions at the moment, about health, health and on other personal subjects, the purpose is to weaken vigilance and to take root into power space of the victim;
  • constantly complaining – the species of parasites pursuing desire to exchange own negative energy for your positive;
  • manipulators – people who specially try to push together foreheads someone to receive the maximum concentration of a negative, thereby, being recharged by others energy.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team