Celery - advantage for men

Celery - advantage for men

For men not much know of useful properties of a celery. Earlier this product was used as an ornamental plant, and began to be applied later and as remedy. Now the celery is often eaten.

Than the celery is useful to men?

The advantage of a celery for men is caused by its rich chemical composition. It contains vitamins A, C, K, PP, B, minerals, minerals, essential oils, carotene, asparagin, tyrosine and nicotinic acid.

The celery possesses antioxidant action and promotes increase in sexual inclination at men. That is, at the use of a celery, the men's libido raises. For those to whom it is interesting than the celery root is useful to men, It should be noted that this part of a plant is rich with a large amount of the vitamins and other useful substances promoting increase in potency, rejuvenation of an organism of the man, normalization of pressure jumps, decrease in level of cholesterol in blood and to increase in immunity.

Many think, than celery stalks are useful to men. At addition of this plant in dishes, a male body will begin to develop a large amount of androsterone - the sex hormone capable to push the man on sexual feats. To get rid of many men's issues, it is possible to use also juice of a celery.

Men, as a rule, are less emotional, than women, and therefore the collected experiences because of stresses and nervous breakdowns can provoke cardiovascular diseases. And a celery - the excellent prophylactic from a hypertension and atherosclerosis helping to cope with this problem. It will help to reduce irritability, to enhance attention and to improve memory. It is very useful to use a celery to elderly men thanks to its ability to restore water-salt balance in an organism and to struggle effectively with obesity, improving mobility and saving from problems with joints.

Contraindications to the use of a celery

Besides advantage for men the celery can do also harm. And it is important to consider it at its use. It is not recommended to use this plant to the people having a hypertension varicose expansion of veins and thrombophlebitis, pochechnokamenny diseases and diseases of digestive tract, an enterokolitama and colitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and severe forms of an allergy.


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