Chromic acid: properties and application

Chromic acid: properties and application

Chromic acid - very useful substance for any chemical laboratory or large factory. It perfectly copes with cleaning of many surfaces and costs absolutely not much.

Physical and chemical properties of chromic acid

Chromic acid represents crystal substance with a red shade. It is electrolyte of average force. In itself it is not capable to carry electric current, but its fusions and solutions - excellent conductors. Solution of chromic acid has a red shade.

Chrome in this acid has oxidation level +6. This maximum value for chrome therefore in all chemical reactions it will be oxidized to smaller oxidation levels (to give electrons). Almost all salts of chromic acid are poisonous and also, as well as acid, are strong oxidizers. They are widely applied in paint and varnish production and tanning of skin.

Chromic acid is capable to react with oxides and hydroxides of potassium and sodium. As a result of such reaction, water and chromate of the corresponding metal turns out. This acid dissolves practically all metals. Iron and aluminum - exceptions, as a result of reaction to them appears an oxidic film (acid passivates).

Use of chromic acid

Chromic acid - irreplaceable substance in any good chemical laboratory. With its help it is possible to clean ware from fossils which usually do not react with many substances easily. Ware should not be changed often that significantly saves the budget of laboratory. By means of solutions of chromic acid it is possible to alter the surface of many metals (except iron and aluminum) and some other materials. The intricate relief which looks very beautifully and costs much turns out. The materials processed by chromic acid for a long time keep the acquired form and become irresponsive to harmful effects of the environment. Similar processing costs expensive, but the result is worth it. On the basis of chromic acid, catalysts which reduce concentration of hazardous substances in exhaust gases significantly are manufactured. This interesting property allowed engineers to create eco-friendly engines which almost do not make harmful effects on the environment. Chromic acid is used for creation of special core mixes. They differ in the increased durability and are capable to change easily a form when heating. By means of this acid also give durability to details which can be damaged in processing.

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