Circuit training

Circuit training

Gymnastic exercises on flexibility, aerobics, exercises with burdenings or on resistance – the circuit training means all this, combined. However, why "circular"?

Soon after completion of World War II this system of trainings was developed by the University of Leeds (England). It was included in the program of physical training not only the senior school students and pupils of colleges, but even professional athletes.

The essence of a circuit training was that in the gym (or on the platform where classes were) various exercise machines and shells around were installed. The place where the shell or the exercise machine intended for performance of any certain exercise was placed received the name "station".

Training carried out a certain number of repetitions at any "station", and at once passed to another, giving way following it. Performance of exercise on each of "stations" was dosed by either the number of repetitions, or a time span – from 15 to 40 seconds. Thus, the training went on a continuous circle. Bars, a rope, the inclined plane – here specifics of some "stations" at which exercises were carried out.

As a rule, the circuit training is based on 10-12 exercises which allow to study the main groups of muscles of a body evenly. The circular method of a training means repetition of these exercises around – continuously, one behind another. It is necessary to pass this circle three times, at the same time it is desirable to do each exercise as it is possible at faster speed.

High speed of performance of all movements increases heart rate – it should be meant! - and, in parallel, increases amount of the oxygen absorbed by an organism.

As well as any other program of sports occupations, the program of a circuit training are begun with warm-up. After warm-up the turn to do 12 power exercises (so-called "circle") about which it was mentioned above comes. After the third, last circle of power exercises, are carried out extension.

Whether the circuit training will be suitable you for combustion of fat? Certainly, and that is why. The essence of a circular method of a training is reduced to the fact that engaged has to execute each of exercises from 20 to 30 times with a break in only 15-30 seconds.

After all 12 exercises are executed, they need to begin to be done anew, for the second time. In total repetitions, or circles as it was stated above, has to be always three, and the break between circles is defined only 1-2 minutes. Fast transition from a shell to a shell and lack of long breaks between the carried-out exercises give to an organism very intensive loading, perfectly burning at the same time excess calories.

The circular method of a training perfectly will be suitable for development of force - as to the beginning beginners, and those for whom the sport is a profession. It is not obligatory to carry out all exercises only on exercise machines at all. Free burdenings (dumbbells, a bar) in itself, or their combination to the exercise machine will be very productive! At the same time let you are not frightened by the words "dumbbells" or "burdenings". You choose for yourself that loading with which you can cope. Besides complexes of a circuit training are aimed not at unreasonable development of muscle bulk, and at correction of a figure.

Keep in mind that, carrying out the program of a circuit training, you will be tired much more, than when performing the same exercises by a traditional way. It is quite possible that this fatigue will not leave you and next day. However it, only, will be an indicator that you not really truly calculated the forces.

Try to carry out each exercise smaller number of times next time – without reducing at the same time the number of the carried-out exercises. Thus, you will keep some time for additional rest. Further, however, you will be able to be convinced that the circuit training for very compressed period of time is capable to give to a body a magnificent training.

Quite often, again beginning, training, place emphasis on some one part of the body – to the detriment of others. It does not occur at a circular method of a training as it provides proportional loading to all muscular groups.

How circuit training in gym is more preferable, than houses? Well equipped gym can offer you a variety of shells, however it does not mean at all that houses you are not able to organize for yourself in the same degree the effective program of a circuit training.

Considering for itself the program of a circuit training, try to make it as it is possible more simply. Include in it only a few exercises.

First of all, choose one main exercise for three largest muscular groups. Enter into them: humeral belt, back and legs. Then you can add one more circle including smaller group – for example, only a back, or only legs. In any couples, take into consideration that one key exercise for each part of a body will be the most productive and quite sufficient choice.

Choosing for itself a circular method of a training, try to follow two basic rules.

  1. Limit number of the carried-out exercises.
  2. At first always try to work the largest groups of muscles.

Trying to execute as much as possible exercises, you will weaken result of all training, and paying attention to smaller groups of muscles before work with big, you will bring to naught all advantage of this method.

One more rule is it is necessary to carry out all exercises without stops, at once doing transition from one to another. However, this rule is valid only if you not really were tired. It is quite admissible to have a rest between performance of the main exercises, having involved the system of "circle" only in additional.

It is simple to choose exercises for a circuit training for himself – everything depends on what places of your body seem to you the most problem. For those cases when you are in a trip or when you have not enough time, make to yourself a complex of 4-5 simple exercises – a little to support the body in shape.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team