Condoms with anesthetic

Condoms with anesthetic

Always is and the problem of premature ejaculation will concern men during sex. To solve this problem many couples begin to resort to use of special condoms with anesthetic which as producers assure, prolong pleasure.

Condoms with anesthetic represent an ordinary contraceptive product from latex. On its internal surface besides lubricant the special structure which promotes decrease in sensitivity of a head of a penis during sexual intercourse is caused. By means of this structure the nervous terminations are blocked 60 seconds later after drawing. For 10-15 minutes the man can satisfy the woman, without being afraid for premature ejaculation.


It is necessary to know that putting on such condom it is necessary to avoid that anesthetic got on an outer surface as it is fraught with decrease in sensitivity not only a penis of the man, but also the woman's vagina. For the lady even a small amount of substance on mucous membranes of a vagina can become a problem – the milkwoman or allergic reactions.

It is also necessary to know also that condoms with anesthetic cannot be applied at all at oral sex as at hit in a lubricant oral cavity with substance can lead also to decrease in sensitivity. It is recommended to give preference in such situation to other condoms.


Such condoms are very plain in use, besides with their help it is possible to increase duration of sexual intercourse. In practice it is rendered that condoms with anesthetic have effective effect.


  • it is necessary to put on correctly to avoid hit of substance in a vagina;
  • if often to use such condoms, both partners can lose interest in sex;
  • sometimes be such problem as numbness of a penis;
  • when partners cease to use condoms with anesthetics, in certain cases it is necessary to face regress of a premature ejaculation that leads to the fact that at the man the premature ejaculation is started over again.
  • it is possible to face emergence of allergic reactions to substance which reduces sensitivity.

The Contex condoms with anesthetic

Today condoms with anesthetic of the brand Kontex enjoy wide popularity. They are recommended to buy, first of all, due to the popularity. If to apply the cheap anesthetizing condoms of little-known producers, then it can lead to increase of allergic reactions.

Whether condoms with anesthetic are harmful?

Many people prefer such contraceptives as condoms. In present time there is a good selection of these products made of latex. It is possible to find in shops and supermarkets ridge, color, flavored and also condoms with anesthetic.

The question of whether such products are harmful concerns some couples. The fact is that such condoms have different effect on different people. If some can have significant changes, then other men do not notice anything. It should be noted that condoms with anesthetic cannot do harm.

Besides condoms with anesthetic, with this special substance both ointments, and creams are on sale. But, in practice, it is noted that latex products enjoy bigger popularity.

Anyway everyone for himself chooses that he is pleasant most of all.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team