Consciousness expansion

Consciousness expansion

Speaking about expanded consciousness, often mean a certain exclusive state what only psychics, prophets and clairvoyants can possess. But actually all people can expand limits of the consciousness, any unusual gift for this purpose is not necessary.

What our such consciousness?

This conscious perception of the world around through sense organs or still special power channels if the person is able to use them. The obtained information is exposed to study and processing, but not all but only the most necessary, that which is vital for us at a given time. All the rest is ignored and eliminated. Why?

Our consciousness is limited

The actual volume of information arriving to us every second in millions times more that volume which we are capable to perceive. Our narrow consciousness – the reason that from all quantity of signals we selectively perceive and pass through ourselves the smallest part.

But only imagine as far as our horizons would extend if we could know, understand, perceive and feel in dozens, hundreds, thousands times more?

Expansion of limits of our consciousness – is possible

The volume and depth of consciousness of the person can change. And for this purpose there are two ways: external and internal expansion of consciousness. Consciousness expansion inside is a detachment from the outside world and concentration on inner world. It achievements of a state at which sense organs are for a while disconnected also our consciousness which is adjusted on obtaining information from the outside switches to internal feelings. They as well as external signals, are capable to give us forces, to open knowledge of the world and of themselves, to help to come to harmony.

Technology of internal expansion of consciousness

Expansion of internal consciousness is reached by spirituality – concentration or meditation, pronouncing prayers or affirmation. However only very small part of the people using these technicians come to notable changes of mentality and consciousness. It occurs because that they are accepted to the development without accurate plan, without system approach to occupations.

And they should prepare for a start the consciousness for thin technicians of its expansion, using the meditations directed on understanding of and increase in internal sensitivity, separation of the "I" from external vanity and disorders, emotional instability.

Only then it is possible to start understanding of the hidden reserves and sources of fears and alarms, releasing the collected offenses and disappointments, fears and anger.

And its spontaneity, integrity and freedom from restrictions will become the final stage in application of spirituality of expansion of consciousness.

Ways of expansion of consciousness outside

The second way is an overcoming limitation of consciousness by development of all its components. Consciousness consists of what we feel intuitively and in reality, from abstract and logical thinking, intelligence and creativity, from spirituality and morality of the person. Improving each of these elements, we destroy barriers which created in the head. For example, we are convinced that the world does not depend on our will in any way that it does not come under our influence, and on the contrary, subordinates us to himself – "life defines consciousness". But the person has such life which deserves because it first of all corresponds to his consciousness.

If the person sets before himself the ordinary purposes, proceeding from limitation of the consciousness, his life and he will not change in any way. Though we can wish bigger, but to embody these grandiose dreams, we need to work over ourselves, over the consciousness in the beginning.

Expanding possibilities of the consciousness, the person has an opportunity to create the new world around himself. He sets other purposes, strives for other prospects and expands possibilities of the influence on the life and for the whole world.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team