Cooperation with the Universe

Cooperation with the Universe

The indicator of quality of human life defining not only its degree of comfort, but also usefulness for all society depends first of all on aspirations and priorities of a specific individual. That is extent of realization of abilities of the person becomes defining in this context. Internal motives at all ambitious (normal) people are focused only on a possibility of the maximum usefulness for society which becomes to his grateful such representatives with all that it implies objective consequences subsequently. And only actively participating in process of evolution of the Universe, the person is capable to be implemented completely as the carrier of the creative beginning.

The person as the carrier of conscious function has to be considered first of all as a separate element of the general collective design building the cooperation with the outside world on a creative basis. In other words, the Universe will be able to exist also without reasonable basis, having established ordered balance of all the global design. But then it will stop the development as only its aspiration to achievement of the balanced (steady) state means the movement and the accompanying creation of new forms and aspects of existence.

Intelligent life is objective need of the universe

If to break this simple and basic thought into the logical sequence confirming inevitability of emergence of intelligent life in the Universe as, for example, carrier of conscious function in the form of the person, then the following rational design will turn out.

Chaos of fundamental matter is ordered in certain cyclic forms of its interaction.

The recurrence means emergence of regularities between matter forms which are in interaction.

Regularities submit to the principle of balance that, by the way, is also property of chaotic (fundamental) matter. Because of constant violation of stability there is also an uncontrollable change of its properties.

Between ordered and chaotic forms of matter there is a contradiction which is expressed in establishment of the borders between them dividing them.

The ordered matter (seen or the shown Universe) begins to develop when its fundamental form continues to stay in the initial state, acting in this case only as a source of unlimited energy for "opponent".

The Universe is in continuous process of evolving, its regularities regulating accurate orderliness are in interaction with chaos of primary matter. That is the order and stability of the shown Universe are regularly broken by an uncontrollable fundamental component of matter.

Such cooperation between order and chaos (the shown Universe and fundamental matter) cannot be stable as comprehensive chaos possesses an inexhaustible resource of destruction, and ordered matter only seeks to establish with it certain borders. Therefore process of isolation of these two forms of matter inevitably leads to creation of a security system.

The KV (the code of the Universe - the operating program) who provides uninterrupted power supply of the ordered Universe from fundamental matter acts as such security system, but at the same time excludes absorption by chaos of the created ordered forms.

The KV provides interaction of all forms of matter in the shown Universe. However in places of emergence of the increased tension that is inevitable, arises need of dropping surplus of energy in its primary state, and at deficiency of potential there is already a feeding from fundamental matter. Such system guarantees maintaining balance, however means also unauthorized (out of the developed orderliness conditions) interactions of various forms of matter.

In such circumstances the effective cooperation of all forms of matter of the shown Universe becomes impossible without "masterpiece" - conscious function. This form of matter is capable to submit to the general (rigid and unambiguous) to laws of the universe, plus to create more universal and plastic conditions of its interaction which mean a compromise. The ability to adapt to contradictory interrelations of matter also becomes for the conscious function which absorbed in itself at the same time both ordered, and chaotic forms of interaction, objective reality.


Summarizing above stated, it is possible to establish the fact that the conscious life form in the Universe is inevitable. It allows to maintain, if I may say so, all achievements of the ordered Universe under a condition when chaotic fundamental matter acts only as a certain feeding accumulator. And conscious function comprises as the creative beginning (logical and rational principle), and destructive (the compromises and other irrational decisions peculiar to chaos).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team