Copper sulfate – the most important salt of copper

Copper sulfate – the most important salt of copper

The fact that copper already became history of mankind, and since the most ancient times, is not subject to doubt. It is necessary to notice, as its derivatives left a mark not less noticeable.

And salt - in copper

There is on Earth a group of metals thanks to which actually the mankind also took place. Copper takes the place of honor in this group. As metal, it is widely used and today. Thanks to copper the electric revolution which allowed to create bases of the modern industry in many respects took place.

But copper is used not only in the industry, it and its connections are constantly demanded both in agriculture, and in medicine, and in life. In particular, these words can fully be carried to the most important salt of copper – to CuSO4 copper sulfate.

Being the strongest electrolyte, CuSO4 represents the small white crystals well soluble in water. Sulfate of copper has neither taste, nor a smell. It is necessary to refer its incombustibility to positive properties of this substance also. Copper sulfate at contact with the most insignificant amount of moisture is included with it into reaction therefore CuSO4 copper sulfate pentahydrate is formed • 5H2O, better known as copper vitriol. This substance differs in bright blue color of crystals.

The most important salt

Copper sulfate is usually received by dissolution of copper waste in the diluted sulfuric acid. As a result of reaction of Cu (OH) 2 + H2SO4 → CuSO4 + H2O turns out copper sulfate. Interesting feature of sulfate of copper - to change color in the presence of water - use for definition of availability of moisture in organic liquids. In vitro, by means of sulfate of copper dehydrate ethanol. Copper CuSO4 vitriol • 5H2O widely use in agriculture for a protravlivaniye of cereals before crops, for fight against harmful disputes of fungi, extermination of a grape plant louse, treatment of plants for fungal diseases and in many other cases. Most often copper vitriol is used in combination with a limy milk as a part of so-called Bordeaux mix. Sulfate of copper is widely used also in construction. It is applied to elimination of leakages, neutralization of rusty spots. It is used for removal of salts from a bricklaying, the concrete and plastered surfaces. Sulfate of copper is applied also in quality antiseptics to processing of wood in order to avoid rotting. Copper sulfate found application and in medical practice, as medicine. It is appointed as solutions for washing, by syringings, treatments of the burns in particular got from the burning phosphorus. Solutions of sulfate of copper apply as eye drops. For internal application sulfate of copper is used as emetic.

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