Country cunnings the hands from improvised materials

Country cunnings the hands from improvised materials

Many people practically spend all the free time to warm season on personal plots. Wishing to simplify somehow care for plants, summer residents apply country cunnings, doing them by the hands. There were they thanks to imagination and observation of people, and then, by means of a gossip hotline extended to large territories.

Country cunnings the hands from improvised materials

Many at first sight, apparently, unnecessary things in hands of the person with imagination and certain knowledge can become very useful. For example, the old fridge can become the great greenhouse. Put it on wooden churbachka and fill inside a grass layer, then manure and still herbs. From above cover everything with the earth layer mixed with ashes. Close a door and leave for the winter. At the beginning of spring water all with hot water and seed seedling. Cover from above with glass and periodically water.

One more small cunning on the seasonal dacha concerns jumping of seeds, by means of a marker which it is possible to make with own hands. Thanks to such adaptation the rows turn out equal and plants grow at identical distance from each other. Take a board necessary length, 20 cm wide and 3-4 cm thick. At distance from each other in 6 cm drill openings and insert into them sharp blades, of 6 cm. That's all, the marker is ready.

Country cunning – drop watering at the dacha

There are plants which demand constant watering, but in small volumes. In such situations it is possible to use one secret which will also help out when it is necessary to leave for several days. It is necessary to take plastic bottles of 3 l. In them it is necessary to make holes, there are two options. If it is necessary to water one plant, then the opening becomes in a cover, and in day the cut for the gulf of water becomes. In case it is necessary to water, for example, bushes of tomatoes, cucumbers and other similar plants, then the hole needs to be done on a bottom and sides to the middle, but they should not be too frequent and big. Use for this purpose a pricker. It was necessary to establish and record bottles. If plants are planted too densely or roots are superficially, then it is better to use a ground-based system. For this purpose it is necessary to make a support as for a marching kettle and to attach to it, using a wire, a bottle. One more option – on 1/3 to dig bottles to the earth. It is important to impose them with stones and to strengthen the earth. It is necessary to pour in water in vessels with frequency 2-3 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team