Creatine - advantage and harm

Creatine - advantage and harm

It will be useful to know about advantage and harm of creatine in sport to everyone who is seriously anxious with the physical shape. This additive – one of the most popular with professional athletes. But, as well as any effective remedy, it has pluses and minuses.

Advantage of creatine

Creatine optimizes process of the production of ATP which is a power source for muscles and stimulates production of proteins of which muscle fibers consist. At the same time unlike cortisol and steroids, in this substance does not promote accumulation of water in fabrics. Thanks to it muscles become more elastic and dense. Besides, creatine increases endurance, gives the chance to be tired and to be restored less quicker after any heavy training. And it is not considered doping or medicine therefore it can be accepted during the official competitions, without risking to be disqualified.

The advantage of creatine for muscles, thus, consists in a fast set of net muscle bulk. With its help in only two weeks it is possible to increase 5 kg of muscles and to increase the force.

Harm of creatine

But you should not forget that besides advantage and harm from creatine is too. Statistically, side effects from the use of medicine are observed at 5 athletes from one hundred. And though this figure is small, absolutely a christening you should not dismiss this information. Can cause:

  • allergy – reddening mucous, an itch, skin rashes;
  • violation of the GIT functions – indigestion, diarrhea, exacerbation of an ulcer, etc.;
  • constant thirst – an indicator of the raised dehydration if not to reconstruct the drinking mode, then spasms and spasms can begin;
  • appearance of hypostases on a face and hands.

If negative feelings are expressed very strongly, then it is recommended to stop intake of medicine and to address the specialist in sports food.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team