Development of diction

Development of diction

Most of men have very much complex because of defect of the speech, for this reason they cannot feel confident with women, at work, etc. However it is possible to cope with this problem, rather only periodically to carry out special exercises for development of diction.

Development of diction in adults

Before getting to direct work on diction, it is necessary "to warm up" organs of articulation, exercises on an articulation will help with it:

  1. Slowly move a jaw from right to left, then up and down.
  2. "Stretch" a mouth in a smile and move language to the right, to the left and to mouth corners.
  3. Open a mouth and you carry out by language on the lower and top number of teeth.

After work on an articulation it is possible to get directly to work on development of diction:

  1. Several times in a row you say phrases "oh-oh-bapp", "pas-pas-patt", "the Tat - Tapp", etc.
  2. Read aloud the small text and write down it on a dictophone. Listen carefully and try to reveal all defects in the diction, then repeat the text, having corrected defects.
  3. Slowly you pronounce compound words, such as truce envoy, carbon-containing, the refrigerator acquired, plokhoskoordinirovanny, accurately uttering each letter.
  4. Read aloud small texts, slowly and with expression.
  5. The most effective way for development of the speech in adults are tongue twisters. At first it is necessary to say them slowly, pronouncing each syllable, then it is possible to accelerate. Perfectly the following tongue twisters will approach: "Timur terrorized Tamara, terrorized and doterrorizirovatsya", "The spindle-legs Vavilo in Babylon cheerfully hyped up and moved a pitchfork", "In a pine forest the beaver and the brother of a beaver work without axe", "Thirty three ships maneuvred, maneuvred and did not vylavirovat", etc.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team