Diet of the bodybuilder

Diet of the bodybuilder

Each man and each woman who gave preference to weightlifting will be absolutely right if decide to pass to a special diet. It is no secret that the metabolism at athletes quickly adapts to new requirements of an organism, so, and the diet of the bodybuilder has to be absolutely special.

Diet of bodybuilders for weight loss: features

If the usual diet for weight loss cuts down the number of calories to give effect of weight loss, then in this case it is forbidden – otherwise from where the organism will take forces on occupations? The diet of the female bodybuilder strongly differs from a diet of the female ordinary representative. In this case proteins have to become a diet basis by all means, carbohydrates should be cut down, but not to exclude absolutely, and here fats in a diet there has to be a minimum quantity. At the same time the general caloric content of a diet will be higher, than at a usual diet.

Proteinaceous (low-carbohydrate) diet for bodybuilders

Let's consider products which are admissible at this diet. You will need only to choose in what order you include them in the diet which has to consist of 3-5 meals a day.

  1. Skim cheese. It is necessary to eat it on 2 packs a day is a pure protein in combination with calcium without which weight loss cannot be effective. Mix it with the fat-free unsweetened yogurt.
  2. Chicken breasts – boiled, baked or steamed. This dish can be eaten 1-2 times a day, combining with not starchy vegetables or sheet salads.
  3. Boiled beef. Choose the most fast meat, boil with spices and use with fresh vegetables, sauerkraut or vegetable stew.
  4. Nutritionists argue into the account of usefulness of a yolk – in it many fats. In day it is impossible to eat more than 3 eggs entirely, and here proteins can separately be eaten in quantity up to 5-6 pieces a day.
  5. Buckwheat cereal with beef or pilaf with chicken – these dishes are very nutritious, and they can be eaten those days when you have trainings.

Making a diet, do not forget that it is necessary to drink enough liquid in day.


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