Diet to recover

Diet to recover

The power supply system for a set of muscle bulk is relevant for many men who are not quite happy with the appearance. The diet to recover, contrary to representations of many, does not assume uncontrolled absorption of high-calorie products of any kind – at least if you want to receive uniform distribution of weight, and not sticking out stomach. We will consider an effective diet which will help to recover to the man.

Proteinaceous diet to recover

To gather not hypodermic and fat cellulose, namely muscle bulk, it is necessary to correct the food, having formed the diet basis from proteinaceous food. On assurances of physicians, the man needs to receive daily 2 g of protein on each kilogram of its weight. So, the man weighing 70 kilograms has to use 140 g of protein daily.

Products rich with protein:

  • meat – beef, veal, low-fat pork;
  • bird – chicken, a turkey, a game;
  • fish – all types (it is better to choose low-fat grades);
  • eggs chicken and quail (especially protein);
  • cottage cheese (it is one of the best products, almost pure protein);
  • low-fat grades of cheese;
  • seafood;
  • dairy products;
  • beans, haricot, soy, peas and all products from soy.

Only 3-5 times a day are better to eat food, and in each reception the good portion of proteinaceous food is necessary.

Diet quickly to recover to the man

For those who play sports reception of sports food – a protein will be the quite good choice. It is the pure, safe protein secreted from products. In two spoons of such additive of protein it is more, than in a good meat stake. It is safe to use such products, they have nothing in common with steroid anabolic steroids which represent real danger.

If you do not want to accept additives, just eat with the emphasis on proteins:

  1. Breakfast: portion eggs cottage cheese/dish and cocktail from kefir/milk/fermented baked milk + banana + handful of nutlets.
  2. The second breakfast: half-glass of nuts, any fruit.
  3. Lunch: vegetable salad, buckwheat with a meat/fish/bird, compote.
  4. Afternoon snack: sandwich with a big piece of meat and greens on black bread, juice.
  5. Dinner: meat/bird/fish + any vegetables.
  6. Before going to bed: glass of kefir.

If you train, then before the occupations eat mix from dried fruits and nutlets and drink a glass of juice, and right after the occupation – banana. In an hour after the training it is possible to eat a usual dinner or a portion of cottage cheese with yogurt. Having connected trainings, you will achieve desirable results much quicker.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team