Dietary supplements for potency

Dietary supplements for potency

The modern rhythm of life negatively affects health of the man including on potency. Therefore it is no wonder that the range of various medicines directed to fight against this problem is rather wide. Recently in network a lot of bright advertizing dietary supplements for potency meets. Whether it is important to understand really biological additives help to recover health and to cope with the existing problem or it is the next deception.

Pluses of dietary supplements for increase in potency

Producers of biological additives assure that in comparison with usual medicines their products have a number of advantages:

  1. Generally natural components, for example, of a grass or waste products of animals and insects are a part of similar additives. Their main task consists in improvement of work of an urinogenital system and in increase in a libido.
  2. Small list of side effects.
  3. It is possible to buy similar additives in any drugstore, and without recipe.
  4. Thanks to structure not only the potency improves, but also the general vitality becomes stronger. It is caused by availability of vitamin E, polyunsaturated acids and selenium.
  5. The price which in comparison with medications is much lower cannot but please.
  6. It is specified in advertizing that at regular intake of dietary supplements the sexual health at all men improves.

Minuses of the Chinese dietary supplements for potency

Of course, not everything is so fine, apparently, at first sight and biological additives have shortcomings which if not to consider them, can become the reason of serious problems with health. What it would be desirable to tell the first about – each organism is individual and additives really help someone, for someone they are useless, and are dangerous to others. For this reason it is worth meeting structure as the man can have an individual intolerance of components of medicine always. At the moment dietary supplements for men for potency passed not a full research therefore there is a risk that not all side effects were revealed. Each additives can have contraindications as do them of different substances.

How to accept dietary supplements for strengthening of potency?

Initially It is necessary to tell that you should not save and buy cheap and unchecked medicines as they can seriously do much harm to health. To gain desirable effect it is necessary to accept active additives for a long time – at least four months. It is important that dietary supplements do not cause accustoming and you should not be afraid of overdose. The quantity of necessary tablets is specified in the instruction of the chosen medicine. The dosage is not recommended to be exceeded. Not to do much harm to an organism, before the use surely consult with the doctor.

The best dietary supplements for potency

We suggest to stop in detail on some additives which enjoy huge popularity among a male.

Yokhimbin. Is on sale in the form of tablets. Effect of medicine is caused by the maintenance of a yokhimbin of a hydrochloride. This substance helps at incontinence of urine and at erectile dysfunction. Medicine in the presence of chronic diseases in a sharp stage is contraindicated and at individual intolerance. As for side effects, the excited state, a headache, increase in pressure and a tremor can be observed.

"Gold fad". Additive is presented in the form of capsules. The sow-thistle, a cat's mustache, a sea horse, a root of a ginseng and leaves of a shelkovochashechnik is a part. It is important to notice that medicine has strong diuretic effect. It is contraindicated at atherosclerosis, a hypertension and problems with nervous system.

Impaz. Medicine in the form of tablets is produced. He is recommended not only at potency, but also at treatment of vegetososudisty frustration which reduce sexual function. It is contraindicated at individual intolerance of a product.


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