Easy as a damn: similar expressions

Easy as a damn: similar expressions

To phrase "Easy as a damn" it is a lot of expressions, similar on value, they also sound much more pleasantly than this popular phraseological unit. The modern speech began to become simpler promptly due to such expressions. There is the whole culture of informal conversation with use of a large number of phraseological units. And therefore it is worth understanding them thoroughly.

This expression familiar to all became the frequent satellite in informal conversation. But there is to this national phraseological unit and a worthy replacement. Synonyms of a common phrase sound much more culturally, without changing the main semantic loading. It is possible to apply them in different life situations. They are simple and clear. Their considerable quantity allows to choose for itself suitable and to use at the right time. 

"Easy as a damn" - similar expressions

- "As easy as shelling pears";

- It "is a duck soup";

- "As there is nothing to do";

- "Easy as a pie";

- "It is simpler than some pareny turnip";

- "Elementary";

- "Simpler does not happen";

- "Without pressure";

- "Without problems";

- "As two fingers in the socket";

- "It is simpler not to think up";

- "Time and all";

- "Freely";

- "In no time";

- "Easily".

Using all these phraseological units, the person says that he a task to execute to him will not make special work that he will cope with it easily and easy. Sometimes this expression sounds rather thoughtlessly if business serious and a difficult task. To the person who says such phrases there can be a mistrust and is glad reasonable questions. Therefore similar phraseological units are appropriate when the decision lies on a surface and is not intellectually expensive and labor-consuming.

"Easy as a damn" - modern forms of old expression

- "As two bytes to send";

- "As two disks to formatnut";

- "As two fingers about as well";

- "As two faxes to send";

- "As two bits to nullify".

In total synonyms to expression about thirty three are "Easy as a damn" found. Both single words, and phrases occur among them. Forms of this popular expression are applied also in texts of various character. And "Easy as a damn" not to do without synonyms to a phrase, whether it be the narration or a reasoning. Thus, original expression "Easy as a damn" will be the first in the text, and then it at need is duplicated numerous synonyms. Sometimes application in informal conversation of phraseological expressions is quite justified, but it does not mean that such phrases have to be rough and uncivilized. It is known long ago how the person speaks, it is his education and education and also internal culture. There is great Faina Ranevskaya's expression: "It is better to be the good person, "the using foul language", than a silent, well-mannered creature". It is necessary to agree with her, but nevertheless nobody cancelled the standard of speech. Well-mannered and educated society distinguishes how in it there is a communication between individuals. The speech is recognized to enrich as the fertile earth, and here that will ascend (a weed or a fine flower) depends on what grain in it will fall.

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