Esoterics – power of thought

Esoterics – power of thought

Our life is that we think of it. This phrase - a mere verbiage not just familiar to all. It bears in itself deep philosophical meaning. Thoughts turn into words, words in actions, and result of these actions is that life which we have. To learn to operate itself and the abilities for the good of future successful life – a dream practically of each person. And the spiritual esoterics helps to take a big step in this direction.

Esoterics as energy of thoughts

In the modern world even inveterate sceptics began to admit the fact that all of us are a part of uniform energy. We share it with the world around, and the world gives us in exchange what we asked and deserved. And as it is impossible in detail each our thought the esoterics can explain. On light there is yet no other science which could give so many answers to all questions of consciousness concerning the person, life and knowledge of. The main thing is to learn to use those gifts with which the Universe presented us. And before to make it, to important understand what huge role in our destiny is played by our own thoughts. For this purpose we will sort the most popular spheres and the phenomena of human life:

  1. Esoterics and diseases. For certain much had to hear about how wonderfully by means of only one internal spirit the oncological patients got rid of cancer. It is only one of examples of how the person can cure only one strength of mind the illnesses. But this medal has also other party. The esoterics explains the causes of many diseases by means of a sincere spirit too. In other words, all illnesses which we have is a result of our thoughts. Psychologists call this phenomenon psychosomatics, i.e. auto-suggestion which consequence is a disease. A bright example of that – constant sincere sufferings, depressions and negative thoughts. They are the main causes of dangerous diseases. That it did not occur, it is important to work constantly with the consciousness and to learn to be cleaned from negative energy. It is possible to make it by means of meditations, studying own power centers and their opening and release.
  2. The esoterics and love are the one more sphere on which the quality of human life depends. Throughout many centuries the existence of the person was caused by love. We are born and we die with this feeling. But many of us not up to the end understand its special value. The love is not only feelings to the second half granted to us by destiny. Actually its versions much more. It is love passion, Platonic or spiritual, analytical, pragmatical and, of course, love mania which is the most dangerous and is capable to bring only troubles. To feel harmony with the world around loved and as by itself, it is necessary to define to what type your love belongs. And if it does not bring joy, it is important to correct it.
  3. Esoterics of money – nearly the most popular sphere of human life. For a long time people dreamed to manage money. But today we can see that in most cases the situation looks in accuracy on the contrary and money operates thoughts and consciousness of people. The thing is that each note is impregnated not only energy of that material of which it is made, but also fluids of someone's not come true hopes, emotions, diseases and even sufferings. To learn to manage money, first of all, it is necessary to find with them a common language. If constantly to think that you have no money, then they will never be.
  4. Parapsychology, psychology, mysticism and esoterics. These spheres similar on subject and the direction gradually began to hold a specific place in life of people. If before magicians and sorcerers preferred to burn on fires, then today ask modern psychics for the help nearly first of all. The parallel worlds too often began to be crossed with our world. And in it too an esoterics merit. Those who know what power of thought on own experience, will be able to confirm that we since the birth have superabilities which in themselves need to be developed. Of course, there will always be sceptics and critics. But sometimes and they cannot explain how any given person communicates with souls of the dead, cures patients, successfully interprets dreams or reads others mind. All this is subject to everyone who lives on the earth. It is worth only wanting to comprehend the mysteries of these abilities.

It is almost impossible to cover all vital spheres today. For this reason it is accepted to call all modern exercises about the mysteries of human essence and interaction from the Universe esoterics. And it is not obligatory to understand all exercises. It is necessary to know only that your sincere spirit is the main factor of quality of your life.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team