Exercises for hands

Exercises for hands

Men who train with a big weight have to pay also attention and to exercises for hands and fingers that will allow to develop strength of the successful fellow and considerably will reduce risk of getting injured. Include couple of exercises in the ordinary training, and it will be enough.

Exercises for hands

To develop the squeezing force, it is necessary to use an expander, and dumbbells or bars with thick handles will be suitable for the holding strength of the successful fellow, it is rather simple to use them for performance of any general exercises. For development of plucked hold it is important to keep weight only finger-tips. It is necessary to develop also force of wrists for what it is worth carrying out bendings of hands with a weight. The simplest exercise – tightenings of an expander which need to be done within several minutes.

Exercises for strengthening of hands:

  1. For performance of this exercise it is necessary to take a bar and to hold it behind the back direct hold. The distance between hands has to be slightly less than width of shoulders. Exhaling, slowly bend brushes up, at the same time, moving a bar a semicircle. Record situation for a second and return to SP on a breath. You watch that forearms were in a motionless state.
  2. Settle down before a bench on a lap and put on it forearms so that to have an opportunity freely to move brushes. You hold a bar in hand a direct or reverse grip. A task – exhaling, bend brushes on the greatest possible corner and be late for several seconds, and then, inhaling, return to SP. It is important to hold forearms in a motionless state.
  3. The weight is necessary for performance of the following exercise for strengthening of brushes. Put it on a palm and place to a shoulder. Make pushing out, but do not straighten a hand completely. This exercise is not suitable for beginners as it can lead to getting injured.


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