Exercises for weight loss in house conditions

Exercises for weight loss in house conditions

Not only women, but also men suffer from excess weight. To achieve good results, it is necessary to pick up correctly a course of exercises for weight loss in house conditions and also to reconsider the food as the result depends on the used products. It is important to refuse high-calorie food, and still to follow the basic rules of healthy food.

What exercises need to be done for weight loss?

To achieve good results, it is important to play sports, following a certain schedule and rules. It is recommended to train every other day, giving to an organism time for restoration. It is important to consider that muscles get used to loading and it is necessary to make once a month to the program changes. It is possible to carry out power exercises for weight loss in house conditions in several approaches, but circuit training for which it is necessary to choose several exercises best of all fights against excess weight and to repeat them around one after another within a minute. It is necessary to begin with warm-up to prepare a body for loading that will allow to increase efficiency of the main complex and to reduce risk of getting injured. Between the presented exercises it is recommended to do squats, since 45 times and reducing the number of repetitions up to 25 times.

Exercises for weight loss in house conditions:

  1. Twisting. For pumping of a press it is exercise it is considered the most effective and at the same time available. SP – settle down on a floor, having bent legs, but, without tearing off a foot from a floor. Part the hands bent in elbows in the parties, and you hold them near the head. Press a waist densely to a floor to accent loading on the press. A task – exhaling, raise shovels from a floor and, inhaling, return to SP. For increase in loading it is possible to use pancake from a bar and to hold it near a breast.
  2. Costing a press of dumbbells. This exercise for weight loss of the man in house conditions gives load of muscles of shoulders and hands that it is also important for obtaining good results. SP – get up, holding in hand dumbbells direct hold near shoulders, at the same time elbows should be directed down. A task – exhaling, carry out a press of dumbbells, lifting them at the same time. After that on a breath return to SP. It is important to control position of the case and not to do excess movements.
  3. Push-ups by the wide successful fellow. This exercise will allow to pump over pectoral muscles. It is possible to carry out it the different successful fellow. SP – accept an emphasis lying, having put hands is wider than shoulders and having developed palms in the parties that they was are perpendicular to a body. A task – due to bending of hands lower a body down, and then, straining pectoral muscles, return to SP, but you should not straighten elbows completely. It is recommended to do static delays to raise load of breast muscles. An important point – the back has to be equal without deflection, and still it is necessary to keep in suspense a press constantly.
  4. Draft of dumbbells in an inclination. This sports exercise for weight loss well loads muscles of a back and hands. SP – you hold dumbbells on outstretched arms below, and incline a body to a parallel with a floor. The breast needs to be straightened, and to lower shoulders. One more important detail – it is worth bending knees a little. A task – exhaling, carry out draft of dumbbells, bending hands in elbows which have to move along a body. The shell should be tightened to a stomach bottom. Inhaling, return to SP.
  5. Dumbbell press because of the head. SP – settle down on a chair or a bench and, holding a dumbbell in hand, lift it over the head, and lower another down. It is important to control that during exercise performance the back was in direct situation. A task – lower a dumbbell for the head, bending a hand in an elbow, and then, return it in SP. The hand should not move in the direction therefore record an elbow. Do exercise by both hands.


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