Exercises on a triceps in gym

Exercises on a triceps in gym

Every year the number of people who visit gym grows. That the body developed evenly, and was relief, it is necessary to make correctly the program of trainings, having included in it the most effective exercises on a triceps. They have to enter a training of an upper body. It is enough to include 3-4 exercises in a complex.

How to pump up a triceps in gym?

To build up muscle bulk, it is necessary to repeat exercise a small amount of times (8-10 repetitions) with a big weight, but if the person the beginner, then loading has to raise gradually. Besides, it is important to do a minimum on 3 approaches. Try to take the minimum break that tension in muscles did not fall down.

The best exercises on a triceps on weight:

  1. Push-ups on bars. For this exercise the additional loading as it is necessary to work with body weight is not necessary. This exercise gives load both of a triceps, and of pectoral muscles, and everything depends on position of hands. As we are interested in a triceps, hands have to be as it is possible more closely to each other. The body has to be in vertical position as inclinations displace loading. You hold legs direct, but they can be crossed to prevent razbaltyvany bodies. Inhaling, bend hands in elbows before formation of a right angle and fall down. Elbows should be held most close to a body. Exhaling, return to SP. It is possible to use also additional burdening, for example, a special belt to which pancake from a bar fastens.
  2. The French press lying. It is possible to carry out this exercise on a triceps both with dumbbells, and with a bar. In this case, we will consider the second option. Settle down on a bench, pressing to it a back and buttocks. A foot have to be completely pressed to a floor. You hold a bar on outstretched arms over a breast. As for the successful fellow, it has to be direct, at the same time the distance between palms has to be identical to width of shoulders. Inhaling, lower a bar to a forehead, at the same time between shoulders and forearms there has to be a corner in 90 degrees. Record situation, and then, exhaling, return a bar to initial situation, at the same time hands have to be completely straightened. In this exercise the movement is carried out only in an elbow joint. You should not lower a bar for the head as it involves other muscles in work that is not desirable at all. Council – it is important not to use extreme weight.
  3. Extension of a hand because of the head. This effective exercise on a triceps, directionally on development of muscles and giving of beautiful relief to them. Exercise at first by one, and then, other hand is carried out. Thanks to it amplitude of the movement and loading in muscles significantly increases. Settle down on a bench and lift a dumbbell over the head that the hand was in vertical position. Get a dumbbell for the head so that the elbow looked strictly up. The back has to be a straight line with an easy deflection in a waist. Make a breath, and then, hold the breath and straighten a hand. Consider that only the elbow joint moves. Having made an exhalation, record situation, raising loading. Return a dumbbell into place and repeat everything since the beginning.
  4. Extension of a hand on the top block. One more effective exercise on a triceps in gym giving load of a side and internal head of a muscle. Get up sideways that the hand was in one vertical plane with the top block. An opposite leg it is necessary to take a step back. Take a reverse grip the D-shaped handle. The back has to be equal, but the small deflection in a waist nevertheless is allowed. Bend a working hand in an elbow and you hold it close to a body. Inhale, hold the breath and pull the handle down, straightening a hand in an elbow. Make an exhalation and record situation, trying to raise loading, and then, return to SP.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team