Exercises with an expander for men

Exercises with an expander for men

For study of a beautiful and relief body it is regularly necessary to carry out power exercises, but it is frequent time for going to the hall, is not enough. In such situation there is an available and effective solution – a set of exercises with an expander. If it is correct to make a training, then the result will not concede to exercises with dumbbells, bars and in exercise machines.

Set of exercises with an expander for the man of the house

For a start it would be desirable to tell about advantages of such trainings. First, exercises allow to work well muscles which when performing standard exercises are a little involved. Secondly, the expander is the compact exercise machine which it is possible to take and hold trainings in any convenient location. Thirdly, exercises with an expander help to diversify a habitual complex that only plus for result.

There are several rules on performance of exercises with a universal expander, so it is worth beginning a training with warm-up to make fibers and joints more elastic. Select loading depending on own physical training. It is important to carry out exercises correctly, but not a large number of times. At the maximum stretching of an expander it is necessary to be late for couple of seconds that allows to improve result. Do 3-4 approaches till 12-15 times. Between approaches it is allowed to have a rest, but it is no more than couple of minutes.

Multipurpose exercises with an expander:

  1. Cultivation of hands. To accept SP get up directly, having taken the left leg a step forward (distance about 0.5 m). Bend legs in knees a little and take an expander so that palms were directed to each other. Extend hands before yourself so that springs were below a chin. A task – you part hands in the parties, at the same time having even more bent the left leg and having straightened right, having deviated back.
  2. Exercise with an expander for legs for men. One end of the exercise machine needs to be attached to a wall. If there is no special hook, then fix the handle by means of furniture or any other way. Put a chair at a certain distance from a wall, sit down on it and bind the end of an expander in an anklebone of one leg. A task – having recorded a hip in a motionless state, carry out straightening of a leg. In this exercise muscles of a front part of a hip are well studied.
  3. Exercise on a press. Again one end of an expander has to be attached to a wall. Settle down on a back and undertake the free end of the exercise machine, holding hands behind the head. Legs need to be recorded for what get them under a crossbeam. A task – slowly, exhaling, raise a torso, straining only press muscles. Legs have to remain in a motionless state. After that return to initial situation on a breath.
  4. Exercise with an expander on shoulders in house conditions. Get up directly and put the left leg on one handle of an expander. Take other end of the exercise machine the top hold, that is, having directed a palm down. A task – raise the hand bent in an elbow until the handle does not appear at the level of a chin, and the elbow has to reach an ear. It is important to hold a body in a motionless state, without bending in the parties as it will displace loading and the result from exercise will not be.
  5. Exercise for sides. Get up directly, having put the left leg on one handle of the exercise machine, and take another the top hold, having directed a palm to a body. The distance between legs has to be about 60 cm. Make inclinations to the right side, watching that the body was not filled up forward and about one trajectory moved. To raise loading, it is possible to bend the left hand a little in an elbow.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team