Eyes water - what to do?

Eyes water - what to do?

An eye of the person - one of the external irritants, most sensitive and whimsical to perception, body. The reasons for lachrymation can be much. Eyes have function of self-defense and self-cleaning, they are allocated with these opportunities due to allocation of tears. The teardrop has the sodium structure which is allocated by a human body. It disinfects and covers an eye cover with a film which protects from any defeats of the foreign matters getting into an eye. In spite of the fact that lachrymation quite natural process, sometimes it causes many problems and unpleasant feelings. If eyes water what to do and how to facilitate a state – we will in detail talk below.

Why eyes at the person water and what to do?

The reasons of plaintive eyes can be as behind adverse temperature and weather conditions, hypersensibility of an organ of vision, and in the presence of diseases.

During an exit to the street in windy or frosty weather, the plaintive channel contracts and decreases in the diameter. Such change does not give the chance at the normal rate of liquid to get into a nasopharynx because of what tears rise up and flow through an eye.

In the same way eyes react to sharp differences of temperature indicators. When from the warm room of people comes to a frost and wind, eyes do not manage to reconstruct and have a stress.

Not only on a frost, cold and wind there can be a similar reaction, but also on temperature increase of air to low humidity. Influence of hot dry air forces an eye to turn on the protective mechanism which does not allow drying of a cover of an eyeball.

Eyes on the street water - what to do?

To avoid plentiful allocation of tears on the street, it is necessary to prepare them for an exit in advance. Rather simply several times in in a row to wash water of contrast temperature then to blot eyes. It is possible to go outside in 10-15 minutes. Take yourself for the rule to use a napkin or a scarf, being on a frost or on wind.

Why eyes redden and water?

The similar phenomenon arises after long sitting at the computer, reading the book or in front of the TV screen. The feature of human mentality, at that time becomes the reason for that when the attention concentrates, control is turned off and the person blinks much less often. It results in dryness of an eye and its reddening, it is forced to be humidified forcibly. For elimination of symptoms it is possible to use special drops, a compress from broth of a camomile or strong black tea. Every 2 hour take a break on gymnastics for eyes.

Hit on the surface of a mucous membrane of a foreign subject even not noticeable at first sight can cause redness and lachrymation. Wash out eyes under flowing water and do circular motions by eyes. It has to push out a mote in an internal corner of an eye where it is possible to get it.

If you have red eyes and water, it can be a consequence of some diseases, such as:

  1. Conjunctivitis – the inflammation of eyes caused by viruses and infections of the different nature. It is better to entrust treatment of such problem to the professional and to see a doctor.
  2. Allergy – seasonal or on a certain activator (hair of animals, a citrus, dust and other). For treatment of allergic manifestations it is necessary to address the expert for prescribing of the necessary medicines.
  3. The beginning of respiratory diseases – during infection of airways, including a nasopharynx. The infection can get to eye canals because of direct proximity of arrangement. Responds to the general treatment of catarrhal symptoms and passes together with them.


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