Fat-burning diet

Fat-burning diet

You want to lose weight – means, you want to get rid of fat. There is nothing the best, than to make process of weight loss the most purposeful, and in it, in turn, the fat-burning diet will help. One its name already draws new contours of your body crippled by fats in imagination.

The essence of a diet is a weight loss by means of consumption of proteinaceous food. For digestion of proteins an organism we spend much more energy and time, than for digestion of the same fats, or carbohydrates.

Compound diets

Proteinaceous products by which are meant also lactic products are sources of vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. Calcium, certainly, promotes weight loss as to its help there is a calcitriol synthesis – hormone of a zhiroszhigatel.

Besides, on a fat-burning diet for weight loss you should not be afraid of avitaminosis. First, vitamins will provide dairy products, secondly, the second fundamental part of a diet are vegetables and fruit. It, certainly, will facilitate weight loss process, both for your mentality, and for your stomach.

In vegetables and fruit there is a lot of cellulose which inflates in a digestive tract and creates feeling of saturation. Also cellulose promotes cleaning of intestines, and the regular chair will save you from the ugly blown-up stomach.


Food during a fat-burning diet for women, as well as for men, can be very various though your menu and will strictly define the resolved combinations.

For example, during a breakfast you have to combine a proteinaceous product and vegetable - a fruit product. During a lunch your dish consists of protein, vegetables fruit and also of carbohydrates. The afternoon snack repeats the menu of a lunch. And as for a dinner, recommend to be limited here to a proteinaceous product and vegetables as fruit are capable to kindle appetite in the evening.

Time for food

Very important not only what you eat, but also when you do it. It also is provided in our effective fat-burning diet.

It is necessary to have breakfast from 6 to 9 o'clock, to have dinner – from 11 to 14 o'clock. Your afternoon snack has to take place at 15-16 o'clock, and a dinner between 17 and 20 hours.

Lists of products

In order that it was simpler to you to pick up products under requirements of this diet, we already made lists for you.

Proteinaceous products in one step food:

  • eggs – 2 pieces;
  • fish or seafood – 170 g;
  • cottage cheese – 170 g;
  • low-fat hard cheese – 60 g;
  • nuts – 30 g;
  • milk – 120 ml plus a half of a portion of any other product of the list;
  • yogurt natural low-fat – 120 ml plus a half of a portion of any other product of the list;
  • low-fat boiled meat – 150 g.
  • Vegetables and fruit in one step food:
  • any fruit – 200 g;
  • vegetables salad (without potatoes and bean);
  • tinned peas, corn;
  • dried fruits – 60 g.


  • rye bread – 1 slice;
  • boiled corn – 1 ear;
  • pasta wholegrain, grain – 3-4st. l.;
  • mashed potatoes – 3 tablespoons or 2 boiled in potatoes uniform;
  • lentil, haricot and peas – 3 tablespoons.

Results of a diet

Of course, considering rather good nutrition during this diet, do not expect to lose every day on kilogram. In general, loss of weight during a diet – an indicator especially individual, depending on the state of health, a way of life and also on a monthly cycle.

By the way, growing thin before monthly or in time (that is not recommended), be not surprised that the arrow on scales not only does not fall, but also everything lasts above and above. Before periods there is a liquid delay in an organism and also the level of hormones does not promote loss of weight. On the other hand, to grow thin right after monthly – the most effective option.

Our diet is calculated on a week during which you can lose up to 5 kg. Do not forget also that pure consumption and physical activity promote weight loss.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team