Finish for a tile - how to choose color?

Finish for a tile - how to choose color?

Sometimes it happens so that result of facing works not absolutely to liking to customers. It would seem that everything is made truly – the tile is laid professionally, but there is no concrete combination. The fact that the finish for filling of seams between tiles was picked incorrectly up is the most common cause of such result. And that there were no such problems it is necessary to know how to choose color of a finish for a tile.

How to choose a finish for seams between tiles?

There are some recommendations which will allow to solve a problem. It is necessary to remember the basic rule when choosing a finish: the best finish for a tile will manage to be bought only if to select it together with a tile. Today in hardware stores the wide range of coloring for every taste.

At first it is necessary to consider how to choose color of a finish for a floor tile. Proceeding from practice, it is not necessary to rub clean seams of a floor tile where big passability a white finish as seams will very quickly lose the whiteness. Best of all for a floor tile to choose a finish of gray color, or to use a finish on an epoxy basis.

Main recommendations:

  1. To use a light finish, it is recommended for visual association of tiles in the uniform drawing, and the dark finish is ideal for division of a pattern into beautiful separate elements.
  2. If you got a tile with rather difficult patterns and several flowers, then it is necessary to be guided by the room sizes. The finish of one color with the lightest tile will be suitable for the small room. It will become the ideal decision for visual increase in the room. And here in rooms with a bigger area it is possible to use a dark finish.
  3. If you got a monophonic finish, then it is necessary to choose a finish which will be combined with interior elements. Also very important that color of a finish was combined with a floor covering. Only there is one more important governed: the finish should not be allocated against the background of the tile at all.
  4. If the tile is executed in style to a mosaic from various flowers, then you should not combine it with too bright contrast finish. The choice of quieter shade, for example, light gray or beige will be the best option in this case.

What finish to choose for a white tile?

For a white tile it is recommended to select either contrast color or a kipenno-white finish. If to use a finish of beige, pale gray or similar color, then on a white tile it will look inaccurately and dirty.

What finish to choose for a beige tile?

If to consider opinions of professionals, then they recommend to get a finish several tones more dark, than color of the main background. Such decision is quite justified as more dark shade will favourably mark out color of a light tile. An eye of the person accurately sees an order of objects, and there is a following: the subject of light tone in combination with dark color seems a little pushed forward. If to use this recommendation in practice, then it follows from this that it is worth applying to a beige tile, either a light brown, or light orange finish. Such composition will ideally look.

As for what finish to choose for a brown tile, it is worth conforming to the same rule, as at selection of color to a beige tile. That is it is necessary to pick up contrast color to the main shade of a tile or to give preference to the same tone. For example, it is possible to use on a wall a contrast finish, and on a floor a finish in tone.

If you cannot decide on what color of a finish to pick up to the tile, then it is recommended to use universal option – to get a white or light gray finish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team