For what random access memory in the computer is necessary?

For what random access memory in the computer is necessary?

For what random access memory in the computer and what semantic loading it bears is necessary? For certain many beginning "users" of the personal computer and laptops asked such question.

Random access memory (the RAM — the operational memory device) is one of the vital elements of the computer and is responsible for speed of work of its applications.

Such memory short-term, only temporary storage of commands and data is subject to it, after switching off of the computer all information from Random access memory is automatically erased. I.e. all data are stored a maximum within one session. From what volume your "RAM" has and what parameters at it, the speed of work and, respectively, operability of the computer depends.

Not educated "users" can object for what random access memory of the computer serves if there is a Hard-disk? They in the innocence consider that memory is a volume of the hard drive, but this inexcusable delusion! During the work the computer takes all necessary data from a Hard-disk and places in random access memory, contacting directly to it. The RAM serves as some kind of conductor between the processor and the hard drive, his darings, the car can not be started at all, warning you about a possible malfunction of a system, besides it will lead to serious load of the hard drive — that is fraught with loss of important data and documents.

Why random access memory in the computer is necessary?

To explain literally on fingers that random access memory in the computer gives, we will consider on the example of typing. Let's say you type in the new file of the Word any text (course or the diploma, for example) until you pressed the keep button, the file with text per se on a Hard-disk is not available anywhere. But somewhere it has to hang in a system?! Here at this moment it becomes a little more clear why the RAM is necessary — in random access memory information on the typed document hangs, and will exactly hang until a working session of the computer not to come to the end or so far you do not keep the document on a Hard-disk.

The fans of computer games, designers and other experts connected with large-scale graphics and video well know, the volume of "RAM" is how important. When any game or the program just hangs in the computer, the RAM for it droplets is not required, but as soon as you start the program — she automatically begins "to devour" random access memory of your car. So the standard Photoshop requires the improbable number of the RAM that it worked more or less effectively.

What does random access memory of the computer depend on?

Random access memory, more precisely its speed, absolutely depends on the frequency of its tire, and that in turn on memory type. It is necessary to consider if "materinka" is calculated on use only of one type of memory, installation on it other RAM is impracticable.


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