From what type of cat's there were domestic cats

From what type of cat's there were domestic cats

Domestic cats occurred from wild representatives of a species of forest cats though still most of biologists carry them to this look and considers only separate subspecies. The period of domestication belongs by the time of the neolytic revolution which took place about 10 thousand years ago.

Domestic cats

Biologists still did not come to a consensus whether it is worth carrying domestic cats to a separate look or not. Long time the most widespread and loved among people pets were considered as representatives of a species of forest cats, forming separate subspecies along with such groups as an Omani cat, a steppe cat, Caucasian forest a cat and others. Despite some differences in appearance and behavior, all these groups really belong to one look as can be crossed among themselves and give healthy posterity.

Same concerns also domestic cats: having got to wild conditions and having run wild, they can find to themselves couple among the wild fellows and continue a sort that allows to rank them besides to a look.

Nevertheless some biologists suggest to allocate a separate species of domestic cats on the basis of the fact that they are separated by a huge abyss from their brothers: it is difficult to present that smooth sphinxes or fluffy square-tipped Persian cats belong besides to a look, as a graceful, aggressive and wild forest cat.

History of domestic cats

Thus, forest cats – the small predatory mammals today living in Africa, the northern regions of Asia and Europe were ancestors of all domestic cats. These are fast, cunning, timid and aggressive animals.

They, in turn, occurred from more ancient representatives of a genus of cats and have close family relations with a barkhan cat – the small small animal reminding a little lynx.

Several thousands years ago forest cats inhabited the territory of the Middle East and at first tried not to meet representatives of the human race. During the neolytic revolution the people learned to grow up plants, and reserves of grain began to attract to dwellings of people of rodents. It is considered that small mammal small animals wreckers were followed by predatory cats who hunted them. Gradually the person and a cat began to cooperate: the neighbourhood was favorable to both. Domestication of these animals happened about 10 thousand years ago, presumably around a so-called Fertile half moon where the first settled settlements and rudiments of human civilizations were created. Genetic researches allowed to reveal origin of domestic cats more precisely: all representatives of house subspecies occurred on the mother's side from several steppe cats. Steppe cats are subspecies forest which stood apart from other predators of this look about 130 thousand years ago. These animals lived in the Middle East, they were cultivated by ancestors of modern people.

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