Green tea - advantage and harm for men

Green tea - advantage and harm for men

Many men are interested in influence of green tea, from it can be both advantage, and harm.

It is known that green tea makes favorable impact on potency at men. For some men it is considered important plus which is taken from consumption of green tea. But only green tea can be harmful to men that needs to be known. It is known that various factors, the majority of cases food and the standard of living can influence potency. Green tea for the man can bring benefit and to become the good assistant, with his help it is possible not only to increase the standard of living, but also to support constantly. Thanks to green tea it is possible to improve work of important bodies and also to revitalize all organism. Scientists conducted researches in the field of approach of impotence and found out that in most cases it happens because of violation of the small muscle which is at the penis basis. This muscle is responsible for blocking of outflow of blood and acts as the valve. Zinc which is a part of green tea has beneficial influence on it.

Many are concerned by a question, than green tea is useful to men. And its advantage is that he is capable to neutralize an adverse effect of radiation of the computer equipment on male potency. This drink is capable to bring toxins and slags out of an organism, improves work of a GIT, increases vital force, restores the immune system and also he can save from a stress. This type of tea is capable to load with cheerfulness and energy for all day.

Green tea – the powerful antioxidant protecting an organism from cardiovascular diseases and other diseases. Also polyphenols and catechins – substances which allow to reduce body weight are a part of drink. The last allow to accelerate metabolism and to burn calories.

Whether green tea is harmful to men?

Harm from green tea is shown in its part which is high amount of caffeine therefore it is not desirable to drink it before going to bed. Also green tea can increase arterial blood pressure and accelerate heartbeat. There are cases when green tea can cause disorders of intestines.

In general green tea brings only benefit to a male body, it allows to improve potency, to add forces and to take off fatigue. Therefore consumption of this drink is strongly recommended men.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team