Harm of electronic cigarettes for health and a consequence of their use

Harm of electronic cigarettes for health and a consequence of their use

Now vaporayzer are very popular. Or, in other words, electronic cigarettes. This adaptation is positioned as smoking analog, harmless to the person. But whether harm of electronic cigarettes actually is so small?

Why electronic cigarettes are more harmful than usual?

On objective indicators, that is on availability of carcinogens, products of burning and toxic agents, the question that the electronic cigarette or usual is more harmful, has quite definite answer. Soaring (use of this device smoking to call technically incorrect) ruins health less, than smoking. Fans of electronic cigarettes consume nicotine in pure form, without the hazardous substances accompanying it emitted by the smoldering tobacco and paper.

In this seeming inoffensiveness of an electronic cigarette its main harm is hidden.

  1. First, the person practicing soaring of liquids with nicotine receives the same dependence as well as the smoker of usual cigarettes. In this plan the fashion for the vape is equivalent to fashion for smoking in the 20th century.
  2. Secondly, realizing that in the evaporator there are no tobacco and paper, people do not consider that certain additives are present there. All consequences of smoking of electronic cigarettes are studied by nobody, but some diseases caused by process of soaring, doctors already revealed. For example popkornovy disease.

Whether smoking of electronic cigarettes is harmful to people around?

The principle of work of a vaporayzer does not assume burning and emission in surrounding space of its products. But it completely does not solve a problem of "passive smoking". Harm of electronic cigarettes to people around is not studied, but already now it is possible to claim that at least two unpleasant moments are present.

  1. Dense, fragrant, shrouding soaring a white cloud. It is pleasant to not everyone. And some people can quite have a sharp or allergic reaction to chemical fragrances.
  2. When using the vape the liquid filled in the device evaporates. The steam inhaled and exhaled by the vaper consists of its smallest particles. It is logical to assume that if in the course of heating of components of liquid any hazardous substances are emitted, then they get to an organism of each person who inhaled such steam.

Harm of an electronic cigarette for health

Harm from electronic cigarettes can be presented conditionally as two factors: components of liquids and misuse of the device. On the second there are no controversial issues. Harm of the electronic cigarettes warmed too strongly is proved. At high temperature liquid turns into the fine steam accumulating in lungs. That it did not occur, control device temperature.

Components of "fuel" for electronic cigarettes it is less studied subject

  1. There is no obligatory regulation on this product. That is, compliance of information specified on packing to real structure is not checked. There are no instruments of control of quality of liquids.
  2. Surely are present at any liquid glycerin and glycol which products of evaporation influence different human organs is sawn through.

Electronic cigarettes - harm for lungs

From completely proved problems with health caused by soaring the most known is the obliterating bronchitis or a popkornovy disease. At first sight the name amusing, associated with movies and the corn grains bursting in a frying pan, but this serious disease. It is obliged by the unofficial name to factories on production of popcorn. Before emergence of electronic cigarettes the disease occurred only among their workers.

Causes the diacetyl obliterating bronchitis — chemical compound which in the synthesized look is used in production of food and in fragrances for the vape. The eaten diacetyl is harmless. But it is not recommended to inhale its long time. The Popkornovy disease in the worst option can result in need of change of a lung.


  • short wind;
  • the cough noticeable at first at the movement, then and at rest;
  • rattles;
  • bloody phlegm.

At the long use of diacetyl the cyanosis of skin can be shown. Also obliterating bronchitis leads to heart pathologies. Harm of electronic cigarettes for lungs is lower, than usual, but also it is impossible to call them absolutely safe.

Influence of an electronic cigarette on a stomach

Nicotine consumption in any way irrespective of, smoking it or soaring, is categorically contraindicated at diseases of a stomach and accompanying. This substance strengthens release of the hydrochloric acid destroying stomach walls. And indirectly influences a condition of digestive system, reducing appetite. As a result of people begins to take a long break between meals that is forbidden to people with a sore stomach.

Harm of electronic cigarettes with liquid in which there is no nicotine does not disappear. Producers add alcohol, menthol, capsaicin to "zero liquids". It does taste of nicotine free liquid more habitual for consumers. Also makes the impact similar to effect of nicotine on a stomach.

Influence of electronic cigarettes on vessels

What harm vessels can receive from electronic cigarettes:

  • consumption of nicotine regardless of a form of its receiving accelerates the frequency of a warm rhythm;
  • according to a research of doctor Halle Midkloff the consumers of electronic cigarettes are subject to the same diseases of vessels, as smokers.

Harm from electronic cigarettes - myths and the truth

  1. The myth — by means of soaring can be left off smoking. The truth — nicotine addiction does not weaken, can even amplify due to lack of accurate consumption rate.
  2. The myth — electronic cigarettes are harmless. The truth — all consequences of the use of electronic cigarettes are unknown, but some diseases of soaring are already found.
  3. The myth — foreign mixes are always quality. The truth — almost in all liquids harmful fragrances for electronic cigarettes are found.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team