Hidden opportunities of the person

Hidden opportunities of the person

Already it is no secret, that there are hidden opportunities of the person which sharply become more active at a severe stress and help to survive when the situation seems hopeless. It confirms once again the fact that the human opportunities and abilities used in everyday life are very far from its natural potential.

The hidden opportunities at a stress

Let's review striking examples of how possibilities of a brain and a human body are activated in a stressful situation.

  1. Scientists consider that in an extreme situation the backbone of the person is capable to sustain loading up to 10 tons.
  2. Real abilities are activated only when the situation is hopeless. Cases when people, disappearing from prosecution of vicious dogs, in a flash jumped over a two-meter fence are known. And after that kind of they did not try, they did not manage to repeat the feat.
  3. The case as in a cabin of the plane the metal bolt dropped out is known and pleased exactly under a pedal that caused the general jamming of all management. The pilot so desperately pressed on a pedal that cut off a bolt and returned management to norm.
  4. One woman who saw the child under a car wheel managed to lift this "car" and to release the kid.
  5. The case when mother who saw how her two-year-old kid falls in a window in a flash jumped is known and seized him by a hand, at the same time refraining from falling on a palm. When there arrived rescuers, it was difficult to them to rasfiksirovat mothers who became numb in this situation a hand, saved the kid.

These cases show that possibilities of reason and a body under the influence of adrenaline are really boundless.

Whether it is possible to activate the hidden opportunities self-willedally?

Those people who managed to find at least once such abilities quite often try to repeat later the feat, but it turns out that it is impossible. And even if they try to frighten consciously themselves, or to imagine a stress source – it does not work.

The fact is that the brain of the person is susceptible to external irritants, and only when adrenaline is thrown out blood, and the brain realizes real danger of the events, such improbable funny cases are possible.

It is no secret that to tickle itself is impossible – the brain realizes a source of irritation and ignores such signals. Approximately the same mechanism operates and when the person the stress tries artificially to force himself to have.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team