Honeysuckle – useful properties for men

Honeysuckle – useful properties for men

Honeysuckle – these dark-violet berries covered with a whitish raid are used in food since ancient times and were known during lifetime of Avicenna. In the Second World War the wounded soldiers used fruits in quality antiseptics under bandages. Today they are grown up by many gardeners, and here what useful properties of a honeysuckle for men, it will be told in this article.

Useful properties of an edible honeysuckle

To get an idea of it, it is necessary to get acquainted with structure of berries. They are vitamin-rich And, groups B, minerals – aluminum, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, silicon, calcium, iodine, etc. There are at them amino acids and pectins, bioflavonoids, glycosides, etc. On the content of ascorbic acid do not concede to a lemon and strawberry, so with the same efficiency can cope with bronchopulmonary diseases and increase immunity. The whitish raid caused by presence of tannins gives the grounds to use berries in fight against the intestinal infections and dysbacteriosis which are followed by diarrhea.

Juice of berries and also broth from svezhesrezanny branches it is possible to rinse a throat and a mouth and also to use as febrifugal and sedative at various diseases. Is in honeysuckles and useful substances which are capable to struggle with a hair loss, and it is a frequent problem of men after 40 years. Speaking about useful properties of a honeysuckle for diabetics, it is worth noticing that any contraindications these berries are completely deprived. They well influence a metabolism, and it goes "hand in hand" with diabetes, to that contain very low number of calories – only 30 Kcal on 100 g.

Pectins as a part of berries calm angry mucous a stomach, improve process of digestion of food, and still help to cope with poisoning. The honeysuckle possesses the toning action and improves work of heart and vessels, cleans a liver. Iron deficiency anemia is subject to it, and still useful properties of a honeysuckle are shown also with a pressure, and without any contraindications and side effects. It will not do harm to hypotensive persons because normalizes blood current. Those men who neglect physical work can note it on advantage, lead a sedentary life and, as a result, badly trained heart.

Other useful properties of fruits of a honeysuckle

It is necessary to tell that men seldom indulge themselves fresh fruit and vegetables, but the honeysuckle always has to be present at their diet if they want to remain the "real" men about advanced years. The fact is that these berries are rich with selenium, namely this microcell is responsible for normal functioning of a male reproductive system and development of spermatozoa. If selenium in an organism is enough, then fertile function of the man will be on the ball for a long time. Now it is clear, than the honeysuckle is useful to men, but also it is not less valuable to all others.

These berries help to be restored after a serious illness and operation, and still they are known for the ability to facilitate a state at arthritises and arthroses. Juice of berries can be used locally – for treatment of wounds, cuts, burns and skin illnesses. Flowers infusion and leaves is effective in therapy of gastrointestinal diseases, in particular, of heartburn. Men have this illness more often than women therefore such property can be useful for them. And still infusion is not forbidden to be used as a compress at conjunctivitis. The honeysuckle can be used in any kind – fresh, frozen, dried. It is tasty in jam and compote, but it is necessary to remember that at heat treatment the most part of useful properties is lost.


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