Hookah - harm and advantage

Hookah - harm and advantage

Many traditions of the East cause in us rejection owing to mental differences. However smoking of a hookah which is so often offered at restaurants and bars took root and it was accepted everywhere. And in it there is nothing surprising, smoking of a hookah is ritually attractive, it is similar to the Chinese tea ceremony. About harm and advantage of a hookah the speech in our article will also go.

In smoking mixes which are added to a hookah in the majority consist of tobacco and various vkuso-aromatic additives of both natural, and artificial origin. However, if desired it is possible to find the structures for smoking which are not containing nicotine. As the filtering liquid use of water, milk, tea karkade and even wine is possible.

Unfortunately, often teenagers, and thanks to prevalence of pastime of this type also "are put" to a hookah, many people have its false sense of security for health.

What does the danger of smoking of a such type and what harm from in a hookah consist it is possible to receive?

Harm from smoking of a hookah

  1. First, as smoking mixes contain nicotine, there is a dependence of the same force, as from usual cigarettes. And for its emergence it is enough to smoke a hookah several times a week during short time.
  2. Secondly, products of burning and the carbon monoxide which is emitted in process at its inhalation has an adverse effect on a condition of a brain and many other bodies, causing oxygen starvation. It should be noted that relaxation and slight euphoria occurs in particular and thanks to CO2.
  3. Thirdly, the carcinogens which are contained in tobacco despite filtration and cooling of smoke, nevertheless get into airways and make the adverse effect, that is to ache, for example with lung cancer, it is possible and without having smoked any cigarette, but sometimes smoking a hookah.

The electronic hookah allows to minimize harmful effects of tobacco, its advantage consists in lower content of carcinogens in smoke and lack of carbon monoxide.

Advantage of smoking of a hookah

Harm of tobacco does not raise doubts, but smoking of a hookah has also useful properties, otherwise would not win such popularity at the population of the planet.

The advantage consists in relaxation and feeling of serenity that so is not enough in the modern world. However, by what price it is reached whether not too it is high, there is a set of safer means for removal of tension.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team