Hornets: predators among insects

Hornets: predators among insects

"Pirates", "winged corsairs" - such nicknames people awarded hornets. Some representatives of this sort reach the sizes, huge for insects, – five and a half centimeters. Hornets can be dangerous both to the person, and to other insects.

Careful parents

Hornets are large representatives of a subfamily of public wasps, are careful parents. As well as many other wasps, they build paper nests, as construction material using the wood crushed by their powerful jaws which they moisten with saliva then it becomes bonding, and it is possible to form the dwelling of it. Paper designs of hornets meet in hollows and on branches of trees and also in secluded corners in human houses – under roofs and on attics. In a nest the uterus lays eggs from which larvae appear subsequently. The family of hornets expects them emergence, being on duty near a nest, and during a strong heat cooling it waves of own wings.

Hungry baby birds are capable to draw attention of parents with peep. Similarly also larvae of hornets arrive, making the clicking sounds jaws.

The given rise posterity it is necessary to feed. Larvae of hornets eat animal food. It forces these peace wasps to turn in the presents of predators. Hornets go to hunt flies, honey bees and other insects. The powerful jaws they tear off to the victim the head, wings and extremities, and a breast and a paunch mill. They bear the turned-out gruel home where as if birds parents, put food in mouths to the hungry posterity.

Attacks on people

In Japan annually about forty people perish from stings of hornets.

Cases of attack of hornets on the person are frequent. The meeting with the similar opponent is far more dangerous, than with a bee who bites once and loses the sting. The hornet is capable to attack the opponent several times in a row until at it poison does not reach a limit. It should be noted that hornets do not attack without cause. As a rule, they protect the dwelling or food from people. If you disturbed a nest, do not wait for mercy. These insects are capable to pursue the victim. Stings of hornets are very painful and often cause anaphylactic shock. Also they constitute big danger to children, it is heavy to whose organism to cope with such amount of toxin.

Vegetarian hornet

The ill fame of a predator among insects and very few people know that the adult "the winged corsair" is a vegetarian was assigned to a hornet. The basis of its diet is formed by flower nectar, juice of an ash-tree and a linden, pulp of ripe fruit. Quite often hornets fly to people, on a visit at which they can regale on the candied jam or honey.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team