House trainings for weight loss

House trainings for weight loss

A set of muscle bulk – not the only care of men. Sometimes unbalanced food, love for beer and sedentary work get the best of fast men's metabolism, and then the only way to restart it is to train for weight loss at home.


For men, house trainings for weight loss have to provide due load of muscles, first of all. When muscles grow – the expense of calories grows, so, metabolism accelerates.

In the gym it is simpler to provide loading – the benefit, there are enough different accessories and exercise machines, and here houses all power training for weight loss to be under construction on the principle of deduction of body weight – various squats and push-ups.

  1. "The Bulgarian squats" - we carry out them in pliometrichesky style. We do 4 sets on 20 repetitions on each leg. Put a chair for yourself, throw on it one leg, the second on a floor. You squat down to a limit, then jump out by means of a leg on a floor up, without tearing off the second leg from a chair.
  2. Reverse thrust – we carry out 4 sets on 20 repetitions. Put two chairs the friend opposite to the friend and put upward, over backs a stick. Undertake from below a stick the ordinary successful fellow, is a little wider than shoulders. Carry out dynamic rises up, then softly fall down.
  3. Pliometrichesky push-ups – we carry out 4 sets, the number of exercises – to exhaustion. Develop chairs to each other, at such distance that having accepted an emphasis lying your hands were located between them. Fall down, bending elbows, and rise by explosive force up so that hands came off a floor and appeared on chairs.
  4. Press on shoulders with body weight – we carry out 4 sets till 10-15 of repetitions. We put hands on a floor, is a little wider than shoulders, make a start from a floor and accept a handstand at a wall. Bend one leg and drive it into the corner, the second is extended. Bending hands in elbows, touch a floor by the head, then straighten hands, being extended to the very top.
  5. The simplified option – put two chairs together. Get up on chairs knees, lower hands on a floor. Be wrung out, touching by the floor head.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team