How can the woman help the man at impotence?

How can the woman help the man at impotence?

Probably, for men the most awkward and unpleasant situation is discussion of the subject concerning potency. The similar problem causes many complexes which only aggravate a situation. For the man impotence – a bad dream, but women are able to return it to happy reality. First of all it concerns a situation when the problem has psychological character.

How can the woman help the man at impotence?

Psychologists claim that reaction of the man to own "failure" depends to a large extent on what will be told and will made by the woman. At the time when the person is nervous, in an organism stress hormone – cortisol which kills the main men's hormone testosterone is produced. At a lack of this hormone the erection vanishes.

Once you understand, to help the man at psychological impotence. The main task of the woman consists in relaxation of the partner and his derivation from negative thoughts. Strong fear again to be trapped becomes the main obstacle for the man. The woman should not concentrate somehow attention on a problem, and is better not speak about it in general. Massage, a heat bath with essential oils, long preliminary caress, etc. will relax the man. By scientists it is proved that kisses and caress cause production of such hormone in the man's organism as oxytocin which is considered biological viagra.

One more important point on which it is worth stopping the attention – whether helps viagra at impotence. Many men lay strong hopes for similar medicine, but actually it helps not all. Men who have sexual desire can expect wonderful effect of a tablet and they feel sexual excitement, but because of problems with blood vessels the erection is absent.


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