How does the mandala help performed by desires?

How does the mandala help performed by desires?

Manadla name the drawing in a circle, but not such what is used in religious practicians though initially the mandala appeared exactly there.

Mandala – reflection of inner world of the personality

In this understanding it is applied in psychology and psychotherapy. The consultant just suggests the client to draw everything that comes to mind in a circle. And in this spontaneous creativity his hidden and extramental desires, motives and experiences are shown. Such work allows the person to learn more deeply itself and to receive an incentive for personal development. However, without having the individual psychotherapist who would help you to interpret value of drawings of a mandala, you can use it in a different way.

Mandala as unique wishmaster

It is noticed that drawing of a mandala makes very powerful impact on the person. And what he represents on it is pretty fast embodied in his life.

Psychologists do not attribute such effect to mystical features of a mandala; on the contrary, they claim that the person becomes "wizard" for himself. Creating the mandala, he is exempted from the suppressed and deeply hidden doubts, fears, uncertainty. Tension leaves, other attitude towards itself and the life appears. Taking out on paper in a circle the most intimate desires, the person begins to create around himself new reality, perceiving also himself in a new way, changing. To make a mandala the personal card of desires (or the treasure map), it is necessary to draw it with observance of 5 main requirements:

  1. Make the list of desires. Quickly write everything that you want to attract in the life; do not deliberate long, allocate for yourself no more than 2-3 minutes. As soon as they expire – stop.
  2. Unite desires in big groups. For example, you can have such – family, the house, health, money, career, travel, achievements, etc.
  3. Think up symbols. They have to be for you obvious and clear. Kind of you represented happy marriage or a trip, a holiday with darling or promotion? Everyone will have associations. Draw symbols quickly and easily. Do not note time, but also do not deliberate too long.
  4. Draw by hand a circle and place the symbols drawings inside. Draw a circle in all leaf. Mark the center of a circle with a point. And then just represent the thought-up symbols from the list with desires in a circle – in any sequence, any sizes and flowers.
  5. Draw by hand, without templates and preparations. Your creativity has to be completely independent. Otherwise all equipment loses the meaning and efficiency. Does not matter as well you are able to draw. Just take pencils, paints or felt-tip pens and draw as you want. The main thing – that was pleasant to you what will turn out as a result.

What to do with a mandala next?

Having stopped drawing a mandala, hang up it so that you could see often it during the day. And, passing by, for several seconds detain on it a look. It is enough to look at it 10 minutes a day that it worked.

But as soon as one desire will be granted at least – redraw the mandala. It is necessary to do it and when it suddenly ceases to be pleasant to you. It will want to change something, to correct – draw other mandala. Some can redraw the mandalas several times a day, others – time in several months. Be guided only by the personal feelings. And the mandala drawn with you will work! It really strikes, but try – and you are convinced that your life will begin to change as if by magic.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team